Learn from Thought Leaders

The MS in Risk Management is taught entirely by senior, full-time faculty members of NYU Stern.

NYU Stern is both a top rated business school and one of the world’s leading research institutions. The MS in Risk Management program faculty are well-known for their expertise, their original research, and their ability to convey complex material in clear, relevant, and interesting ways. The MSRM program also draws on a number of additional faculty resources across the disciplines to advise the Strategic Capstone Projects and make special presentations on their areas of expertise.
Highlighted program speakers include:
  • Robert Engle, Professor of Finance and winner of the 2003 Nobel Prize in Economics
  • Lord Mervyn King, Professor of Economics and former Governor of the Bank of England
  • Nassim Nicolas Taleb, Professor of Risk Engineering and author of The Black Swan
  • Timothy Geithner, Former United States Secretary of the Treasury

Below is a list of Stern faculty members who have taught in the program:
Ingo Walter, Academic Director
Viral Acharya
Edward Altman
Rohit Deo
Anat Lechner
Richard Levich
Tom Meyvis
Holger Mueller
Thomas Philippon
Michael Pinedo
Thomas Pugel
Robert Salomon
Anthony Saunders
Anjolein Schmeits

Zur Shapira
Hersh Shefrin
Raghu Sundaram
Bruce Tuckman
Robert Whitelaw

Wenqiang Xiao
David Yermack
Jiawei Zhang