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Read the biographies of some of our distinguished alumni from the MS in Risk Management program.

Alumni Spotlight

A portrait of Stephan Ong

Stephan Ong

Stephan Ong, Class of '17, is the Founder of SunBioSys. Learn how the MSRM program gave Stephan the skills and confidence needed to start his own venture.

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A portrait of Sandra Del Guercio

Sandra Del Guercio

Sandra Del Guercio, Class of '19, is VP of Concentration Risk Management at Citi. Read about how the MSRM program gave her a fresh perspective on risk management that helped ease her transition into the financial services industry.

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A portrait of Suyi Aigbogun

Omosuyi (Suyi) Aigbogun

Omosuyi (Suyi) Aigbogun, Class of '19, is a Vice President in Goldman Sachs’ Internal Audit department. Read about how he strengthened his risk knowledge and grew his network through the MSRM program.

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A portrait of Isil Dipietro

Isil DiPietro

Isil DiPietro, Class of '16, is Director of Risk Oversight at Santander Consumer. Read about how MSRM provided her with a comprehensive view of risk that helps her succeed in her role.

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Banking/Financial Services

Sandra Del Guercio, Class of 2019
Omosuyi (Suyi) Aigbogun, Class of 2019
Attilio Di Mattia, Class of 2018

Sanchita Mustauphy, Class of 2017
Isil DiPietro
, Class of 2016
Farid Chedid, Class of 2016
Abhinav Mishra, Class of 2016
Mahadevan Radhakanthan, Class of 2016


Dante Disparte, Class of 2014
Daniel Shin, Class of 2013
Angelica Athie, Class of 2012

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