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Applying for Study Abroad

Q: When should I start making plans to study abroad?

A: View the timeline on our website, which outlines steps from application through departure.

When should I apply?

A. Full-time students apply during the Spring of their first year. Langone students apply up to a year before they would like to go. All applications are due in the Spring for the following school year (i.e. apply in Spring 2015 for Fall 2015 or Spring 2016 study abroad).

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Students who study abroad pay regular Stern tuition for the semester they are abroad. Housing, insurance and fees are paid separately depending on the partner school. For specific details on living costs for each school, review the fact sheet for the exchange program you are considering. In addition, students must have health insurance while they study abroad.

Q: What are the pre-requisites for studying abroad?

A: Full-time or Langone students who are in good academic standing and have completed all Core courses (except Langone Core and Professional Responsibility) are eligible to study abroad.

Q: Are there language requirements?

A: Most exchange programs are taught in the English language, or have English language electives available.  Those programs that are not taught in English and require fluency in another language are indicated on our partner school website

Q: If I've never been abroad before and have no international experience, can I still apply?

A: All students who are interested in studying abroad are strongly encouraged to apply. Prior international experience is not a requirement.

Q: Can I study abroad either in the Fall or the Spring?

A: Both semesters are available for study abroad. Those programs that offer only programs in the Fall or Spring are indicated on our partner school website.  You should also check with your career counselor to determine which time is best for you to go abroad.  Full-time students often study abroad during the Spring to avoid conflict with the Fall on-campus recruitment season.

Q: Are there any opportunities to speak to students who have been to the schools I'm considering?

A: MBA International Programs hosts a Study Abroad Information Session every February. Students interested in studying abroad can meet returning Stern students who were abroad in the Fall, as well as current exchange students who are studying at Stern in the Spring from partner schools.

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Academics and Registration

Q: If I am a Langone Program student, am I still a Langone student abroad?

A: All students must take a full credit load while studying abroad and participating in a semester long exchange program, taking a minimum of 12 credits and a maximum of 15 credits.  Langone students who participate in study abroad will retain their status in the Langone Program. 

Q: How will my grades transfer back to Stern?

A: Students must earn a grade equivalent to a passing grade at Stern - "D" or higher (grade equivalencies vary for each partner school) - in order to receive transfer credit.  Grades will be recorded at Stern as pass/fail and are not calculated into the grade point average.

Q: Do exchange schools have the same credit systems as Stern does?

A: No, the credit equivalency of partner schools differ greatly. Courses abroad often follow different formats and scheduling than classes taught at Stern.  Prior to studying abroad, MBA International Programs will indicate how many courses you must take while abroad.  We determine this based on the number of contact hours spent in the classroom.

Q: Will my degree indicate Stern or both schools?

A: Student diplomas will indicate the Stern School of Business only, although the official transcript will reflect participation in an International Management Program.  Students will also receive an official transcript from the host institution for their personal academic records.   

Q: Can you recommend places on campus that I can take language classes before I go?

A: Please review our language resources website for information on language opportunities prior to studying abroad.

Q: Are there opportunities to study the language once I arrive?

A: Many schools offer language classes on campus, many of which require an additional fee. Please be aware that language classes will not count toward transfer credit; they must be taken in addition to the 12-15 Stern credits required while abroad.  

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Q: If I go abroad in the Spring, what happens if my classes end after Stern Commencement in mid-May?

A: Spring participants will only be considered May graduates if their classes are completed and all grades received a week before Stern Commencement. Students still taking classes abroad after this date will be considered September graduates and their degree will be conferred in September.

Q: What if my employer requires that I complete my degree before I begin work in the summer, but I won't officially graduate until September?

A: The Office of Records and Registration can provide a letter to your employer confirming that you have met all of the requirements of an MBA but your degree will officially be conferred in September due completion of study abroad courses.  This letter can only be written after MBA International Programs has received your grades and you have successfully completed and passed all of your courses abroad.

Q: Can I participate in the graduation ceremony if my semester finishes after May?

A: Students who will finish their semester abroad after the May deadline are still eligible to participate in May Commencement. While you can fly back and attend the ceremony, your name will not be in the program, and you will not be considered for honors until the following year. 

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 Moving Abroad

Q: Can I bring someone with me when I study abroad?

A: In the past, students have brought their spouse or partner with them when they studied abroad. Visa regulations differ greatly depending on the country; students are expected to manage this process on their own.

Q: Can I work while I'm abroad?

A: Given that students enroll in 12-15 Stern credits while abroad, we do not recommend that they work while on exchange.  If a student's employer is transferring them to a location outside of the U.S., and they wish to take classes while abroad, we encourage them to participate in the Visiting Student Program, rather than the Exchange Program.

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Office of Career Development (Full-time Students Only)

Q: As a full-time student, I am worried that if I go abroad, I will be out of the loop with my job search.  What can I do to avoid that?

A:  Prior to departure, students should meet with a career counselor and make appropriate arrangements with the Office of Career Development (OCD) to maximize services offered. 

Q: As a full-time student, If I don't have a job offer before I am scheduled to leave for my semester abroad, can I choose not to go?

A: Once students accept their place in the exchange program, and pay the $1,000 tuition deposit, they are making a firm commitment to Stern and to the exchange school. Please note that if a student decides not to go abroad, they will forfeit the $1,000 deposit.  No refunds are granted.

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Preparing for Study Abroad

Q: What steps must I take after receiving my acceptance letter to study abroad?

A: Once students choose to accept their placement in the Exchange Program, they must complete the following steps:

1. Return the contract indicating acceptance into the program.

2. Pay the $1,000 non-refundable deposit at the Bursar's Office.

3. Meet with MBA International Programs to discuss academic requirements while abroad.

4. Begin the student visa process.

In addition, students are expected to continue to monitor email from MBA International Programs.

Q: Where can I learn more about Study Abroad?

A. Attend the Study Abroad Information Session. For more information, contact MBA International Programs.


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