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Eligibility Requirements

Before participating in a study abroad program, all students must:

  • be in good academic standing;
  • have completed all Stern Core requirements (except for Professional Responsibility and Langone Core);
  • complete 75% (45 credits) of their MBA degree at Stern. Any credits taken abroad will count toward the 25% (15 credits) that may be taken outside of Stern.
Please also note the following regarding credits earned while abroad:
  • Credits taken abroad are credit/no credit and do not count toward the Stern grade point average. Minimum passing grades must be equivalent to a passing grade at Stern (which is a grade of "D") in order to receive transfer credit.
  • Only 6 credits of international study abroad electives may be applied toward the Global Business specialization. This includes participation in all international full-semester study abroad and short-term study abroad programs. For all other specializations, requirements must be completed at Stern.
  • Students are responsible for meeting with an academic advisor to review and approve their study abroad course selections prior to studying abroad.  It is the responsibility of the student to know and fulfill all requirements for the MBA.


At Stern

Regardless of full or part-time status, all students must take 12-15 Stern credits while abroad.  Although Langone students are taking a full credit load abroad, they are not transferring to the full-time program, and as such, their career services needs will continue to be met by the Career Center for Working Professionals (CCWP).

Courses taken abroad count toward elective credit.  Students must enroll in graduate-level, business related courses, and may not register for classes in which the material is similar to what has already been taken at Stern.  Non-business or language courses are never approved for transfer credit.

Students must earn a passing grade ("D" or higher) in order to receive transfer credit at Stern.  If a student does not achieve this grade, they will not receive credit and must make up these credits through additional coursework at Stern.  Please note that in these situations, refunds are not permissible.

Final credit will be awarded once the official transcript is received from the partner school. This may take up to eight weeks after the exchange semester's completion.  

At Partner School

Students work closely with the exchange coordinator at the partner school to choose elective courses.   

Career Services

Students studying abroad are encouraged to meet with a career counselor before studying abroad.  Full-time students should speak with the Office of Career Development (OCD) to learn what semester is most appropriate for recruiting.  Langone students should access the services of the Career Center for Working Professionals (CCWP). 

Financial Aid/Bursar

All tuition payments are due to the Stern Bursar by the regularly scheduled payment deadlines. 

Students studying abroad are expected to adhere to all Stern deadlines while abroad, including applying for financial aid.  If you would like to have your student budget increased to reflect your airfare and any additional personal expenses you accrue, you will need to submit a Budget Appeal Form.

For additional information on financial aid, please contact the MBA Office of Financial Aid.


Students are expected to adhere to all Stern deadlines while abroad, including applying for graduation.  Graduation application deadlines are as follows:

· June 1 for September graduation
· October 1 for January graduation
· February 1 for May graduation

Please note that Spring exchange students are considered September graduates if their grades are not received by the May deadline for grade acceptance (please contact the Office of Records & Registration for details).