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Language Opportunities

We recognize the importance of having an understanding of the local language when entering a new country.  Whether you are on a full-semester study abroad or a DBi, it's helpul to know a few phrases and ideal to begin to develop fluency.  We have provided some options from around the university that are available to you.

Language Options for Stern

ABC Languages
All students are invited to take a live language class, with ABC Languages, one of New York’s premier language schools, located near Penn Station.  Group instruction in 12 languages is held in classrooms with a maximum of 9 students and a rolling admission policy for above-beginner in 12 languages.  New beginner classes start every month!  Private and virtual one-on-one lessons are available in 20+ languages and can be taken at ABC Languages or at your location in Manhattan

Stern MBA students receive a 10% discount + a waiver of the $50 registration fee for group classes and 10% off all private and virtual lessons.  For more information, email info@abclang.com or visit ABC Language and find the language of your choice.

NYU Speaking Freely
All NYU undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to participate in NYU Speaking Freely, a free, ten-week language coaching session.  Each week, you'll learn how to communicate on a different topic, or you might enjoy a related activity--a movie, concert, or neighborhood visit--as part of a small informal language group.  No books are required and there’s no pressure of grades!

NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies
You can also enroll in language courses through NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. These courses will not be covered by your Stern tuition, and will not count toward your Stern degree, but they are a way to learn a language in a more formal setting. 

Stern MBA Exchange Buddy Program
The Exchange Buddy Program matches Incoming Exchange Students with Stern MBA students. This partnership can work both ways--Stern students offer information about the Stern community, academics and cultural information--while having the opportunity to practice a foreign language and learn about a new culture. Sign up to be a “buddy” at sgov@stern.nyu.edu.  

Free Online Language Resources
New York University has a
partnership with Mango, an online language learning program offering over 60 foreign languages. You can access this program by searching for "Mango" under "Database A-Z" on the New York University Library homepage. You need only your NYU Net ID to create an account. We encourage you to take advantage of this resource.

Additionally, t
here are a number of free community-based online language learning platforms.  We recommend Fluent Future and Busuu.

"Doing Business in... " Program (DBi) - Language and Cultural Opportunities 

"Insider’s Guide to DBi" Student Panel 
An informal evening to get the inside scoop on your DBi… where to eat, drink and be merry!  Each DBi class offers an optional, pre-departure opportunity for students to get to know the region that they will be visiting and learn some key phrases in the native language.  The panel is comprised of current students from that region and, if possible, some alumni of the past year's program. The panel is moderated by your Stern administrator.  Along with the "hot tips" for the city and region, the one hour panel equips students with some basic vocabulary and phrases to help them get through some typical tourist situations (getting directions, going to a restaurant, etc.).  In addition, a cross-cultural component provides students with some basic "dos or don’ts" which may help students impress the natives with their sensitivity to the local culture and possibly avoid some common embarrassing cultural gaffes.  Most importantly, it's fun and a great opportunity to learn beforehand about the part of the world you will be exploring with your fellow classmates who will be accompanying you on the program!  The panel is followed by an around the world cocktail reception with international culinary delights of the regions that the DBi programs will be visiting. 
Online Student Resources  


Office of Global Services (OGS)
This office of NYU serves as a central reference point providing international students with help in legal, cultural, social, and personal matters.
Stern Student Clubs and SGov International Student Committee
The student government has an international committee focused on the international student community at Stern.  There are international clubs at Stern which plan various activities with a global focus, including treks.