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1)      Annual Merit Review 

a)      Description: Faculty activity and progress on the three measures of research, teaching and service is reviewed by the member’s department chair, the vice deans, and the dean.  This review forms the basis for the department chair to provide feedback on performance, and for annual merit increases.  

b)      Process: Each faculty member completes the Faculty Activity Report (FAR), which includes an updated CV.  Program directors also provide comments.  After review, the department chair provides feedback.

c)      Timing: The FAR is open in the period between fall and spring semesters.  Chair feedback is provided in the late spring, when final increases are approved.

d)      Form/Website: Faculty Activity Report 

2)      Senior Faculty Peer Review

a)      Description: A committee periodically reviews associate and full professors who have not been reviewed for promotion or by the Senior Faculty Peer Review Committee in the past six years.  Click here for more information. 

3)       Institutional Responsibility

a)      Description: NYU states in its Faculty Handbook: while it is appropriate and often desirable that faculty members participate in public and private activities beyond their University association, such activities may not conflict with the faculty’s primary commitment to teaching, research, and collegial responsibility.  The Institutional Responsibility Form captures this information

b)      Policy: NYU Faculty Handbook

c)      Process: The Institutional Responsibility Form is included as part of the Faculty Activity Report.

d)      Timing: Completed with the FAR in winter

e)      Form/Website:  Institutional Responsibility Form 

4)      Compensation

a)      Teaching Overload

i)        Description:  Faculty teaching courses above and beyond their assigned course load receive extra payment, subject to approval by the Stern Dean and NYU Provost.

ii)      Process: Before teaching an overload course, submit form for department chair approval.

iii)    Timing: on-going, when courses are assigned and normal teaching load has been completed.

iv)    Form: Teaching Overload Form

b)      Adjunct Faculty Compensation Donation

i)        Description: Some adjunct faculty choose to donate their compensation back to Stern.

ii)      Process: Faculty member submits required form to department administrative coordinator

iii)    Timing: On-going

5)      Summer Payments: 

Since base salary is actually payment for nine months (9/12ths of a year), this salary can be augmented by summer payments, though it is capped at 3/9ths of base pay (summing to 12/12ths of the year), including overload teaching.  See Summer Payments for further information.    

6)   Honorifics: Endowed Chairs, Faculty Fellowships, Research Professorships

a)      Description: See policy

b)      Process: See policy

c)      Timing: See policy

d)      Form: n/a

7)      Reappointment of Clinical Faculty   

a)      Description: Clinical faculty members typically serve two-year renewable terms.  If it is decided that they should not continue, they receive a one-year contract that is not renewed. 

b)      Process: Departments prepare proposal for reappointment.  All Department Chairs, as a group, review proposal.  If approved, goes to dean for approval.

c)      Policy:  Policy on Clinical Faculty.

d)      Timing: Clinical reappointments are discussed at the February or March Department Chairs’ meeting.  OFA prepares reappointment letters to be sent in June.

e)      Form: Clinical Reappointment Form 

8)      Promotion and Tenure Process

a)      Description: See Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

b)      Process: See Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

c)      Timing: See Sixth Year Review memo

d)      Form: n/a 

9)     Payroll:

For payroll processing questions, please see Stern’s Human Resources Department on the 6th floor of Tisch Hall (40 West Fourth Street).  All faculty members are paid on a monthly basis (nine-month salary paid over 12 months).   

10)    Benefits :

Questions pertaining to faculty benefits should be addressed directly to the New York University Benefits Office. Your benefits representative can be reached at benefits@nyu.edu, 212-998-1270 or 726 Broadway.

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