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1)      Sabbatical/Leave of Absence

a)      Description: Tenured faculty may take paid sabbaticals periodically. Tenured, tenure-track or clinical faculty may take unpaid leaves of absence.

b)      Policy: NYU Faculty Handbook 

c)      Process: OFA sends out request for sabbatical/LOA applications, which must be approved by department chair.

d)      Timing: Forms are due to OFA in first week of December.

e)      Form: Sabbatical Request  Leave of Absence Request 

2)      Workload Relief

a)      Full-time faculty members who are parents with the primary responsibility for the care of a newborn child, newly adopted child, new foster care or guardianship placement, or newly-established legal custodial care during the period of workload reduction may elect to request one semester of full course relief or two semesters of half course relief. 

b)      Policy: Workload Relief Policy

c)      Process: Submit completed form to department chair.

d)      Timing: Form is to be submitted at least five months before the qualifying event.

e)      Form: Application for Workload Relief 

3)      Tenure Clock Stoppage

a)      Description: Tenure clock stoppage may be granted automatically for a maximum of two semesters prior to receiving tenure for primary caregivers of a child or a parent, a spouse, or a domestic partner in a health crisis of extended duration.  It may be authorized to a faculty member who is granted one or more full semesters of leave for any one of, or combination of, illness/disability leave, maternity leave, or personal leave. 

b)      Policy:  NYU Faculty Handbook

c)      Process: Submit completed form to department chair.

d)      Timing: Requests should be made as early as possible, and when feasible, approvals should be in place no later than the onset of the semester prior to the period of tenure clock stoppage.

e)      Form: Application to Stop the Tenure Clock 

4)      Resignations

a)      Description: All resignations require a signed resignation letter.

b)      Process: Submit letter to department chair or OFA

c)      Timing: As soon as date of resignation is known, submit letter.

d)      Form: n/a 

5)      Retirement Program

a)         Description: The NYU Stern Faculty Retirement Program provides tenured faculty members with the opportunity to retire from active service at the Stern School under generous financial terms while retaining many of the non-monetary benefits accorded to faculty members at the School. Tenured faculty members who are at least age 60 on their retirement date and have completed at least 15 years of full-time active service with NYU Stern are eligible to participate in the Program.

b)       Policy: Retirement Program

c)        Process: Contact the Vice Dean of Faculty to discuss program.

d)       Timing: Submit completed election form at least one year prior to the date on which you wish to retire.

e)       Form: See page 4 of Retirement Program

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