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1)        Research Support

a)    Research Computing: The Stern Center for Research Computing is devoted to providing world class computational facilities and services.

b)    Behavioral Research Lab: The Behavioral Research Lab is dedicated to computer-based empirical research by members of the Stern research community.

c)    Human Subjects: Stern faculty members’ research sometimes involves human subjects.  This can range from work in the behavioral lab to analysis of credit card data.  Such research is subject to review by the University committee on Activities Involving Human Subjects (UCAIHS).

d)    NYU Library System:  Click here for information on the various libraries in the New York University System visit.  Bobst Library is located at 70 Washington Square South and houses NYU’s Business & Social Sciences/Documents Center.  To visit the library, you must present your NYU ID.

e)    Financial Support for Research

i)     Internal

(1)   Research Support: Because research lies at the heart of the Stem School's mission, generous support is provided to every faculty member who has exhibited significant research productivity in the recent past, and more limited support to faculty members who are embarking on new research efforts.

(2)   Honorifics

(a)   Research Professor and Faculty Fellow: These titles recognize and reward the research achievements of tenured faculty members.  The two titles are functionally equivalent.


(b)   Endowed Chair: This title, supported by donations endowing a chair, is the top honor available to recognize and reward the achievements of tenured faculty members. 

(3)   STARS (Stern Teaching and Research Supplement): Stern provides funds to each department, which in turn allocates some of these funds to faculty members for research and teaching expenses.  See STARS Handbook and STARS FAQ for details.

ii)   External

(1)   Description: When funding is provided for a particular project or goal, it is considered a grant, and is managed by Karyn Jeannopoulos, OFA’s Associate Director for Funded Faculty Research (kjeannop@stern.nyu.edu).  Stern provides incentives for faculty to obtain grants with overhead funding through Stern.  If funding is given in support of a faculty member but with no stated purpose, it is considered a gift and is managed by Stern’s Development Department.

(2)   Process: To apply for a grant, contact Karyn at the address above.  She will help find funding, prepare a budget and take care of all the administrative requirements; the faculty member only writes the research proposal.

(3)   Timing: Ongoing.

2)        Leading Journals:

List of “Leading Journals” from 2007 Ad hoc Committee on Leading Journals 

3)        Survey Instruments:

Stern supports Qualtrics survey software. 

4)        Visiting Scholars

a)    Description: Professors may choose to sponsor faculty or PhD students from other institutions to spend a limited amount of time at NYU Stern, using the library, attending seminars, conducting research and the like.

b)    Process: Submit completed form to Faculty Services Coordinator.

c)    Timing: Form to be submitted at least two months prior to visit, four if a visa is required.

d)    Form: http://www.nyu.edu/oaa/scholar.pdf

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