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1)      Teaching Technology

a)      Blackboard Academic Suite 

b)      Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL): The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) advances instructional support initiatives for faculty and performs strategic thinking and planning in educational technology. The Center supports the exploration and adoption of new methods in teaching and learning, and promotes interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaboration.

c)      Classroom & Event Technology Requests

2)      Teaching-Related Policies

3)      New Course Request

a)      Description: New courses must be approved by department chair and vice dean and/or undergraduate dean.

b)      Process: Complete the New Course Request Form and submit it to your department chair or his/her designee.

c)      Timing: Ongoing.

d)      Form: New Course Request Form

4)      Syllabus Editing and Posting

A list of courses offered this year and who is teaching them, with links to sample syllabi and instructions on how to post your own sample syllabus.  Your department administrator can help with this.

a)      Syllabus Editing and Posting (Graduate)

b)      Syllabus Editing and Posting (Undergraduate)

5)      Hiring a Teaching Fellow or Grader:

There are three kinds of student assistance available to faculty for class-related needs - Teaching Fellows, Graders and Tutors. Students and faculty can find detailed information about positions and eligibility at the Grad Jobs Web site (http://www.stern.nyu.edu/Students/gradjobs). It is important to note that students are not permitted to hold a position (teaching fellow, grader, tutor) in a class in which they are registered.   

a)      Description:  

i)        Teaching Fellows: Faculty hire Teaching Fellows (TF’s) to assist with such tasks as class preparation, classroom assistance, office hours, and grading.  A TF position requires up to 140 hours for a full course (3-4 credits) or 70 hours for a 1.5-credit course, distributed through the duration of the course (including the exam period, if any).  Faculty who wish to assign work before the beginning or after the end of the term should confirm the TF’s availability in advance.   Payment is through tuition remission unless the position is over the summer, in which case students will receive a check.  

ii)      Graders: Graders are expected to grade three major assignments for each student or the equivalent and are paid per enrolled student per full course (3 or 4 credits).  If less work is involved, the rate should be adjusted downward.  For the purpose of calculating work limits for students, students should work the equivalent of no more than 5 hours per week per course.  You may not hire a Grader if you have a TF or Tutor.  A grading voucher can be downloaded from the Grad Jobs at http://www.stern.nyu.edu/Students/gradjobs.


iii)    Tutors: Tutors are paid an hourly rate for MS and MBA students for a maximum of 10 hours per week.  They primarily provide remedial help to students in technical subjects, such as statistics and computer skills.  If appropriate (and you do not have a TF or Grader), Stern will pay for a Tutor if there are at least 50 students enrolled in your core course or 80 students in your elective.  You are eligible for a half time (5 hours/week) Tutor if your core course enrollment is under 50 or your elective has at least 25 students.  A tutor hiring form can be downloaded from the Grad Jobs Web site.  The Undergraduate program also provides a tutor program for undergraduate core courses.  Contact the UG Advising Office for more information on the undergraduate tutor program at (212) 998-4020. 

b)      Process:

i)        Review eligibility.

ii)      If course is eligible, talk to department’s administrative coordinator.

iii)    Interview candidates for TF/GF position.

iv)    Work with administrative coordinator to complete paperwork.

c)      Timing: The student MUST sign the contract prior to starting work.

d)      Form: Contract will be initiated by the student, requiring department coordinator and faculty signature.

6)      Course Evaluations

Takes you to the Course Faculty Evaluation Reports link, where you can find several years of Stern course evaluations, including your own once your class is over.

7)      Classroom and Event Technology Request System

Submit special requests here for A/V and computing services.  (No special request is required for standard classroom equipment: overhead projector, whiteboard, podium with computer, VCR, DVD player, and projection capability.)

8)      Class E-mail Aliases (Mail List Manager)

This is a utility that allows you to send e-mails to your whole class, add and delete recipients, and add authorized senders. (Note that to send e-mails, you don't have to log in to the mail list manager - simply type your class e-mail address into the "To:" line of your message.)

9)      Blackboard | Help with Blackboard

Links to your Blackboard course(s) and to instructions on how to use it.

10)  MBA Student Directory

Contains photos and information for most MBA students at Stern.

11)  Undergraduate: Info | Academic Calendar | Bulletin

The home page of the Undergraduate College (UC), the academic calendar, and the UC Bulletin.  

12)  Graduate

The full-time and part-time MBA academic calendars, final exam schedule, etc.

13)  Online Grading

Submit your grades here by 72 hours after the final or exam or the final project is due.

14)  Code of Conduct and Judiciary Committee

The Stern Judiciary Committee is a group of students, faculty and administrators that represents the entire NYU Stern community and serves as a resource to educate students about Stern’s Code of Conduct. In the event of a suspected infraction, the committee initiates an investigation, holds a hearing, and recommends sanctions if necessary. The Stern Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over disciplinary matters involving matriculated and visiting students in the undergraduate and graduate full-time, part-time, executive, and PhD programs at the Stern School of Business. Any member of the Stern community may report an alleged academic or behavioral violation against a Stern student. Academic violations include, but are not limited to cheating and plagiarism; behavioral violations include, but are not limited to physical assault, sexual harassment and property damage.  For issues involving undergraduate students, contact Susan Greenbaum, UC Dean of Students.  For graduate student issues, contact Gary Fraser, Graduate Dean of Students.

15)  Final Exam Schedule (Graduate)

16)  Course Enrollment Information

Rosters & Bio Sheets: A list of students enrolled in your class with their e-mail addresses.  Click on a name to see the student’s bio sheet, which includes a photograph and background information.  Utilities allow you to print out the bio sheets, create an e-mail list, and export a class roster into Excel.

17)  Student Directory (Graduate)

To find contact information for students.

18)  Grading and Grade Submission: Grade Entry

19)  STEP (Stern Teaching Excellence Program)

a)     Description: The Stern faculty determined that all faculty members should participate in a STEP review every four semesters taught.  It is entirely confidential, though department chairs and vice deans are notified each semester as to which faculty members are due for a STEP review.

b)      Process: Vice Dean of Faculty sends an email at the start of each semester to those faculty members who are due for a STEP review.  The faculty member is to contact Ian Stewart to schedule the appropriate review.

c)      Timing: Notification at the start of each semester.

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