MBA Course Schedules

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Fall 2017

Information Systems, Operations Management and Statistics Courses
    High-Tech Startups & Products: A Technical Perspective
    (INFO-GB.2331.10, Professor Thanos Papadimitriou & Professor Guthrie Collin, Thursdays, 6-9pm)
    Join a VC founder and an product leader for a unique course designed to help you launch a high-tech software startup. Thanos Papadimitriou (founding partner, Charge Ventures) will enable you to get the business funded on the cheap with a crisp pitch based on solid market analysis. Guthrie Collin  (senior manager for ad tech products at will prepare you to hire, inspire and lead a software development team in delighting your target customers with a working product. Together, their curriculum prepares you to recognize software-driven business opportunities and capitalize on them in your first startup or in a new product at your current firm. View the syllabus here.
    Risk Management in Information Technology

    (INFO-GB.3351.30 / INFO-UB.0051.01, Professor Bernard Donefer, Thursdays 6-9pm)
    This course will address the issues faced by management responsible for ensuring the firm’s infrastructure.  It will address topics in operational risk, project management, cybersecurity, privacy, disaster recovery and protecting intellectual property. Cases will be sourced from current news and real life illustrations from guest lecturers. It will stress compliance with accepted best practices and regulatory requirements. View the syllabus here.
    Decision Analytics for Sports
    (OPMG-GB.2354.30, Professor Lou Riccio, Wednesdays, 6-9pm)
    In recent decades, more and more sports organizations have reached out to the application of advanced management methods, in particular statistical, data analysis and operations research/management science techniques. This course is an examination of the most advanced applications of those techniques. The structure of the course is to examine the use of them to four main areas of interest: player performance measurement, in-game decision-making, player selection/team building, and general administration such as marketing, pricing, contracts, stadium management etc. Emphasis will be placed on not only how the application of Analytics has improved each of these situations, but how those decisions relate to business decisions in any other field of commerce. Each class will examine one or more of these topics in one or more sport. Several classes will have guest speakers with practical experience in the field of Sports Analytics. Syllabus forthcoming.

Spring 2017

Information Systems, Operations Management and Statistics Courses
  • Popular Courses Scheduled: Tech and the City, Data Mining for Business Analytics, Programming in Python, Decision Models and Analytics, Real Estate Development and Entrepreneurship, Forecasting Time Series Data.
  • New FinTech Specialization! Courses scheduled in Spring to count towards FinTech include
    • Dealing with Data (INFO-GB.2346.30)
    • Robo Advisors and Systematic Trading (INFO-GB.2350.30, formerly Trading Strategies and Systems)
    • FinTech Risk Management (INTA-GB.2312.30)
    Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Technologies

    (INFO-GB.3347.00, Professor George Pappachen, Saturdays, 1-4pm)
    This course is designed for anyone looking to gain a foundational understanding of the digital media technologies as applied in industry. Further, this course will help you better understand the industry, important terminology and tactics used in digital media and give you a practitioner’s view of digital marketing. View the syllabus here
  • Business Analytics Specialization Courses
    • View the full list of IOMS classes scheduled this Spring that apply to the specialization. 

IOMS MBA Courses count towards the following specializations:

  • Business Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Entertainment, Media and Technology
  • Financial Systems and Analytics
  • FinTech **NEW! Fall 2016**
  • Management of Technology and Operations
  • Quantitative Finance
  • Supply Chain Management and Global Sourcing
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