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Faculty Research

Faculty Research in IOMS

We invite you to explore the research of our three faculty groups by clicking on the tabs above.  

Information Systems Faculty Research

Information Systems faculty research is highlighted in the Stern School's faculty Index pages. Follow the links below to learn more about research by the IS faculty.  

Name Research Interests
Yannis Bakos Electronic commerce, Pricing and competition in electronic markets, Pricing strategies for information goods, Structure and scope of organizations and markets
Vasant Dhar Predictive analytics, Data science
Anindya Ghose Social mining, Text mining of user-generated content, Digital advertising & marketing, Mobile apps, mobile internet, & mobile commerce, Electronic commerce, Crowdfunding
John Horton Intersection of labor economics, market design and information systems; Efficiency and equity of matching markets
Panagiotis Ipeirotis Crowdsourcing, Data quality, Data science, Economics & text, web and data mining
Natalia Levina Offshoring & outsourcing, Cross-boundary collaboration, Information systems development, Open innovation & crowdsourcing
Foster J. Provost Mining social network data, Privacy-friendly online advertising, Micro-outsourcing for knowledge discovery & data quality, Active & costly data acquisition for modeling, Machine learning, Behavior profiling
Roy Radner Strategic analysis of climate change, Bounded rationality, Game-theoretic models of corruption, Pricing of information goods, Statistical theory of data mining
Arun Sundararajan Information technologies, economic development & political change, Contagion in networks & social media, Digits products & markets, Network economics, Text mining & economic analysis
Prasanna Tambe Economics of IT labor, Technological change & labor markets
Alexander S. Tuzhilin Personalization technologies, Recommender systems, Custom relationship management, Machine learning & knowledge discovery in databases
Norman H. White Distributed computing, Mobile applications, Collaborative computing, Sensor data

Operations Management Faculty Research

The Operations Management faculty research is highlighted in the Stern School's Faculty Index. Please follow the links below to learn more about OM faculty research.

Name Research Interests
Mor Armony Large-scale service operations: Applications to call centers & healthcare, Patient flow in hospitals, Control of stochastic processing systems
Arash Asadpour Optimization, stochastic optimization, combinatorial optimization, Game theory, search & marketing theory, Approximation algorithms, randomized algorithms
Rene Caldentey Customer service, Optimization, Probability statistics, Retail management, Stochastic modeling
Harry Chernoff Entertainment industry, Hotel ownership & management, Real estate development, Small business entrepreneurship
Srikanth Jagabathula  
Ilan Lobel Decision-making in social networks, Design of dynamic mechanisms and auctions, Pricing of online services, Distributed optimization methods
Praveen Nayyar Corporate & competitive strategy, Customer service, Organizational design, Service business, Technology management
Michael Pinedo Production planning & scheduling, Stochastic modeling, Supply chain management in the process industries, Design of decision support systems
Joshua Reed Large scale service systems, Internet congestion control, Stochastic network theory
Gustavo Vulcano Computational methods for solving large-scale network revenue management problems, Pricing & inventory decisions accounting for behavioral considerations on the consumer scale, Collaboration & competition in global networks with focus on airline alliances
Wenqiang Xiao Supply chain contracting, Marketing-operations interface, E-commerce pricing, Production & inventory planning
Eitan Zemel Operations strategy, Supply chain management, Service operations, Incentives issues in operations management
Jiawei Zhang Mathematical programming (deterministic and stochastic), Heath care operations, Supply chain optimization


Statistics Faculty Research

The Statistics faculty research is highlighted in the Stern School's Faculty Index. Please follow the links below to learn about their research.

Name Research Interests
Rohit Deo Long memory time series, Financial data modeling
Halina Frydman Survival analysis, Stochastic models in finance & labor economics, Corporate credit ratings migration, Mixtures of Markov chains, Clinical trials
Clifford Hurvich Time series econometrics, Model selection, Forecasting
Peter Lakner Mathematical finance, Stochastic optimization & control
Edward Melnick Time series analysis, Forecasting, Theory of estimation, Information theory
Patrick Perry
Multivariate statistics, Emerging data sources, High-dimensional latent factor models, Cross-validation for unsupervised learning, Modeling & interface of network dynamics, Social & economic networks
Jeffrey Simonoff
Regression & multivariate data analysis, Statistics & data analysis
 Aaron Tenenbein Sampling techniques, Simulation methodology, Application of statistical techniques to actuarial science, Fixed income research