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PhD Student Research

Doctoral Students in IOMS

The doctoral students in IOMS are involved with research on many topics and at many levels. The topics include basic research as well as work in applications directly relevant to contemporary business issues. Please click on the PhD Student Research tabs to the top to meet the students and see the projects in which they are involved. 

Information Systems Doctoral Students

Student Advisor(s) Research interests
Panagiotis Adamopoulos  Alex Tuzhilin  Recommender systems and machine learning
Jason Chan Anindya Ghose Technological impacts on social and health outcomes
Jessica Clark    
Marios Kokkodis Panagiotis Ipeirotis Reputation and quality assessment of users in online labor markets
Vivian Li    
ThiDuong Nguyen    
Tingting Nian    
Lauren Rhue Arun Sundararajan Electronic markets, Social networks, Privacy, Signaling games
Evan Sadler    
Sean Taylor Sinan Aral Causal Inference, Social Influence, Diffusion
Vilma Todri    
Wally (Yingxiao) Wang   Mobile Internet such as Mobile Apps, Mobile/Online Advertising, Recommendation Systems, Text Mining and Big Data Analytics
Xuan Ye Sonny Tambe
Anindya Ghose
Economics of IT, Business value of IT, and Digital markets
Xiaohan Zhang Foster Provost  

Information Systems Graduates in Academia and Industry

Graduate Year Academia/Industry
Jing Wang 2013 HKUST
Nikolay Archak 2012  TBD
Beibei Li 2012  Carnegie Mellon
Ning Su 2011 University of Western Ontario
Manuel Arriaga 2010 University of Cambridge, UK
Akhmed Umyarov 2010 University of Minnesota
Mingdi Xin 2010 University of British Columbia
Rong Zheng 2009 HKUST
Caryn Conley 2008 Florida Atlantic University
Tianyi Jiang 2008 AvePoint, Inc.
Gal Oestreicher-Singer 2008 Tel-Aviv University
Ke-Wei Huang 2007 National University of Singapore
Zhong Wen 2007 Tsinghua University, Beijing
Sameer Bajaj 2006 NJIT
Shawndra Hill 2006 The Wharton School, U Penn
Miguel Angel Campo Rembado  2006  Disney

Operations Management Doctoral Students

Student Joined Advisor(s) Research Interests
Tarek Abdallah 2013    
Yunchao Xu 2013    
Apostolos Filippas 2012   Game Theory, Optimization
Yuqian Xu 2011 Jiawei Zhang
Mike Pinedo
Operational Risk Management
of Financial Institutions
Xuan Wang 2011  Jiawei Zhang  
Ying Liu 2010    
Christos Zacharias 2009 Mor Armony
Mike Pinedo
Queueing theory,
Healthcare Operations Management
Jigar Patel 2008    
Navaporn Surasvadi 2008    
Xi Wang 2008    

Operations Management Graduates in Academia and Industry

Graduate Year Academia/Industry
Çağrı Haksöz 2004 Sabanci University, Turkey
Dorothee Honhon 2006 University of Texas at Austin
Ying-Ju Chen 2007 University of California, Berkeley
Vladimir Krasik 2007  
Anshul Sheopuri 2007 IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Andrey Torzhkov 2008 Siemens Corporate Research
Dana Popescu 2008 INSEAD
Nikolay Osadchiy 2010 Emory University
Xing Hu 2011 University of Oregon


Statistics Doctoral Students

StudentJoinedAdvisor(s)Research Interests
Wen Cao2010 Cliff HurvichTime Series and Machine Learning Methods
Cheryl Flynn2009  

Recent Statistics Graduates in Academia and Industry

Graduate Year Advisor(s) Academia/Industry
Yufeng Ding 2008 Jeff Simonoff Moody's Investors Service
Weijian Liang 2008 Halina Frydman & Peter Lakner  
Yi Wang 2008 Rohit Deo, Clifford Hurvich  
Rebecca Sela 2010 Clifford Hurvich & Jeff Simonoff J.P. Morgan Chase
Jun Liu 2011    
Vladimir Kovtun 2013