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Sounding Boards

Berkley Center Sounding Boards provide an informal setting to receive feedback on your venture idea. Working closely and confidentially with you, our teams of venture catalysts (made up of successful entrepreneurs, professionals, investors and/or Berkley Center staff) will help you develop strategies and determine next steps for your moving your venture forward. If this is your first time contacting the Berkley Center, we strongly recommend starting with an initial Sounding Board meeting.

To get started:
► Step 1

Create an account at the NYUStartupHub
► Step 2

Complete the Starting Block: Building a Case for Your Idea and tell us about your vision, the product/service, the market opportunity, etc. The more you're able to tell us about your idea or venture, the better we'll be able to help you. So, take your time completing this section. If you can't answer some sections, no worries.
► Step 3

Email your completed Starting Block venture summary to nyuberkleycenter@gmail.com.
► Step 4

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact us at nyuberkleycenter@gmail.com.
Help Desks

Help Desks are staffed by seasoned professionals and subject matter experts who can answer your vexing startup questions. We offer Legal, Accounting, Venture Financing, and Sales & Marketing desks. Common areas of assistance include but are not necessarily limited to:

Legal: intellectual property, partnership agreements, corporate structure, investor agreements
CFO: financial statement preparation, financial projections, cash flow management, venture financing
Venture Financing: fundraising strategies, investor agreements, how to pitch investors
Sales & Marketing: branding and positioning, pricing, social media marketing

To schedule an appointment, email nyuberkleycenter@gmail.com for availability.

Launching & Growing

As concepts evolve from "just an idea" to a potentially viable business opportunity, they become better-positioned to take advantage of the following services.


Entrepreneurs-in Residence (EIRs) are founders of or former senior executives from successful entrepreneurial ventures. They provide ad-hoc consulting, coaching and mentoring. EIRs are chosen for their deep industry experience and specialized areas of expertise. To review the backgrounds of our EIRs, click here. To request a meeting with an EIR, email nyuberkleycenter@gmail.com.

Venture Mentor Network

Through the NYU Venture Mentor Network, NYU entrepreneurs are matched with mentors drawn from the University's impressive alumni database as well as leading entrepreneurs, investors, executives and faculty from the at-large business community. Entrepreneurs are able to draw on the advice and guidance of a team of mentors with proven skills and relevant experience. Admittance to the Venture Mentor Network is by application only.

Get feedback about your venture

The Berkley Center Sounding Board is an opportunity to receive feedback about your venture. Sign up now to schedule an appointment!