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Center for Real Estate Finance Research

The Center for Real Estate Finance at New York University’s Stern School of Business was established in the Spring of 2012 to foster research in real estate finance, economics, and operations at Stern, to improve and expand our course offerings and career services in the MBA and undergraduate programs, and to deepen the relationship between the Stern school and the real estate industry.

– About the Center

The Center for Real Estate Finance Research at NYU Stern aims to foster thought leadership in real estate finance, to support the teaching mission of the school to produce future leaders in the real estate industry, and to promote dialogue with our alumni and industry leaders in the field.

Vice Dean Ingo Walter and Professor Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh have transformed an already outstanding foundation of curriculum and financial research, into a formal Real Estate Finance academic concentration at NYU Stern. This initiative is being driven by a large student demand and increasing corporate recruiting interest, and will complement the Finance department's leadership in finance research, which has generated publications and books such as the recently published Guaranteed to Fail. Stern recognizes that real estate, a core financial asset, is a fundamental part of the economy and business and has taken the next steps to institutionalize the School's pedagogy in the area.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

  • T 3/31 2015 RE Seminar Nina Boyarchenko (NY Fed)
  • F 3/27 2015 EB-5 Financing Conference
  • T 3/24/ 2015 Exec-in-Residence Michael Odell
  • T 3/10 2015 RE Seminar Holger Mueller
  • T 3/3 2015 RE Seminar Morris Davis
  • T 2/10 2015 Developer EIR with Adam Gordon, Mitchell Hochberg, and Steve Witkoff
  • T 1/20 2015 RE Seminar Edward Glaeser
  • T 1/13 2015 RE Seminar Johannes Stroebel
  • T 12/16 RE Seminar Maisy Wong
  • T 12/9 Exec-in-Residence Richard O'Toole and Paul White
  • T 12/2 RE Seminar Johan Walden
  • T 11/4 RE Seminar Manuel Adelito
  • T 11/11 Exec-in-Residence Fred Cooper
  • T 10/14 Exec-in-Residence Nick Schorsch
  • W 10/08 Third Annual Fall Symposium
  • T 9/23 RE Seminar Charles Nathanson
  • T 9/16 Exec-in-Residence Annemarie DiCola
  • W 5/07 RE Seminar Gregor Matvos
  • T 4/29 RE Seminar Todd Sinai, 12-1.20PM, KMC 3-70
  • Th 4/24 MIT-NYU Workout Program
  • W 4/23 Third Annual Spring Symposium
  • T 4/22 RE Seminar Ed Glaeser, 12-1.20PM
  • T 4/15 RE Seminar Anders Osterling
  • Th 4/03 REIT Event Ed Glickman, 8.15AM, 11th W 42nd 10th Floor
  • W 4/02 RE Seminar Giovanni Favar, 12 - 1.20PM, KMC 2-70
  • F-Sun 3/28+3/30 Argus training
  • W 3/5 RE Seminar Amiyatosh Purnanandam
  • T 3/11 RE Seminar Itzhak Ben-David, 12-.1.20PM, KMC 3-70
  • F-Sa 2/28 + 3/1 HULM Academic Conference
  • T 2/11 Exec-In-Residence Elliott Bross, 12-1.20PM, KMC 3-70
  • T 2/25 Exec-In-Residence WX Speakers, 12-1.20PM, KMC 3-70
  • T 12/10 RE Seminar Joe Gyourko, 12-1.20PM, KMC 3-50
  • T 12/10 Real Estate Finance Networking Breakfast, 7.30-9.00AM, KMC 11-75
  • T 12/3 Exec-In-Residence Kevin Davis, 12-1.20PM, KMC 3-50
  • T 11/19 Exec-In-Residence Gavin Steinberg, 12-1.20PM, KMC 3-50
  • T 11/12 RE Seminar Gabriel Natividad, 12-1.20PM, KMC 3-50
  • T 11/5 RE Seminar Patrick Bayer, 12-1.20PM, KMC 3-50
  • T 10/29 RE Seminar Ronel Elul, 12-1.20PM, KMC 3-50
  • T 10/22 Exec-In-Residence Julia Hoagland, 12-1.20PM, KMC 3-50
  • F 10/18 Fall Symposium 2013
  • T 10/15 RE Seminar Johannes Stroebel, 12-1.20PM, KMC 3-50
  • F 10/11 Real Estate Finance Intro Course, Tisch UC-19
  • Th 10/3 World Trade Center Site Visit, 9.30AM
  • T 9/24 Exec-In-Residence Steve Rosenberg, 12-1.20PM, KMC 3-110
  • T 4/30 2nd Annual Spring Symposium
  • Th 4/25 NYU/MIT Student Mock Real Estate Negotiation
  • T 03/05 “Return of Private Capital to the U.S. Housing Finance System” Conference