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 CREFR Seminar Series


The Center hosts and sponsors an academic seminar series that brings cutting-edge research in real estate to Stern. All NYU faculty, visiting scholars, and students are welcome to attend. If you are not an NYU faculty member, scholar, or student and would like to receive a special invitation to attend one or more of these seminars, please email the Center (agardine@stern.nyu.edu). The seminar runs from 12-1.20PM on the days listed below. Lunch is provided.



Ed Glaeser - Harvard University - Tuesday, April 22 12:00PM - 1:20PM : "Preserving History or Hindering Progress: The Effect of Historic Districts on Local Housing Markets in New York City" - KMC Room 3-70

Todd Sinai - University of Pennsylvania, Wharton - Tuesday, April 29th - KMC Room 3-70

Gregor Matvos - Wednesday, May 7th: "Advertising Expensive Mortgages"

Past Seminars


Anders Osterling - Saturday, April 15th: "Mortgage Default Policies and Mortgage Products in an Incomplete Markets Model"

Taylor Begley and Amiyatosh Purnanandam - University of Michigan - Wednesday, March 5th: "Design of Financial Securities: Empirical Evidence from Private-label RMBS Deals"

Itzhak Ben-David - Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business - Tuesday, March 11th: "Do Loan Officers' Incentives Lead to Lax Lending Standards?" - KMC Room 3-70

Samuel Kruger - Harvard University - Wednesday, February 11th: The Effect of Mortgage Securitization on Foreclosure and Modification

Adam Guren - Harvard University - Friday, January 30th: The Causes and Consequences of House Price Momentum


Johannes Stroebel - NYU Stern - Tuesday, October 15th: "Knowing Your Neighborhood: Asymmetric Information In Real Estate Markets" - KMC Room 3-50

Ronel Elul - Philly Fed - Tuesday, October 29th: "Does Junior Inherit: Refinancing and the Blocking Power of Second Mortgages" - KMC Room 3-50

Patrick Bayer - Duke University - Tuesday, November 5th: "Speculation, Contagion, and Bubbles: Theory and Evidence from the Housing Market" - KMC 3-50

Gabriel Natividad - NYU Stern - Tuesday, November 12th: "Does More Information Lead to More Financing? Local Information Shocks and Bank Credit" - KMC 3-50

Joe Gyourko - University of Pennsylvania, Wharton - Tuesday, December 10th:"The Role of Contagion in the Last American Housing Cycle" - KMC 3-50


Cindy Soo - University of Pennsylvania Wharton - Friday, March 1: "Quantifying Animal Spirits: News Media and Sentiment in the Housing Market" - KMC Room 2-65

Atif Mian - Princeton University - Monday, March 11: "Household Balance Sheets, Consumption, and the Economic Slump" - KMC Room 2-90

Tomasz Piskorski - Columbia GSB - Monday, April 8: "Policy Intervention in Debt Renegotiation: Evidence from the Home Affordable Modification Program" - KMC 3-120

Mark Garmaise - UCLA - Wednesday, April 17, KMC 2-70

Dean Corbae - University of Wisconsin - Monday, April 22: "Mortgage Innovation and the Foreclosure Boom" - KMC Room 2-90

Wayne Passmore & Diana Hancock - Federal Reserve Bank - Monday, May 6: "The Federal Reserve's Large-Scale Asset Purchases (LSAPs), Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) Yields and U.S. Mortgage Rates" - KMC 4-90


Nikolai Roussanov - University of Pennsylvania Wharton - Wednesday, September 12th

Aurel Hizmo - NYU Stern - Tuesday, September 25th

Martin Schneider - Stanford University - Wednesday, September 26th

James Vickery - NY Fed - Monday, October 1st: "Securitization and the Fixed-Rate Mortgage" - KMC Room 2-90

Viral Acharya - NYU Stern - Tuesday, October 16th

Irina Telyukova - UCSD - Monday, November 12th: "Home Equity in Retirement" - KMC Room 2-90

Marti Subrahmanyam - NYU Stern - Tuesday, November 20th: "Liquidity, Transparency and Disclosure in the Securitized Product Market"