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Working Papers

A Roadmap to the Use of EB-5 Capital: An Alternative Financing Tool for Commercial Real Estate Projects (Draft 2/23/15)
by Professor Jeanne Calderon and Gary Friedland, Esq.

Securitization and the Fixed-Rate Mortgage
James Vickery, 2013

Foreign Ownership of U.S. Debt: Good or Bad?
J. Favilukis, S. Ludvigson, and S. Van Nieuwerburgh, February 2012

The Startup Dynamic
P Romer, 2012

Sovereign Debt, Government Myopia and the Financial Sector
V Acharya and R Rajan, December 2011

Household Leverage and the Recession
V. Midrigan and T. Philippon, May 2011

Macroeconomic Implications of Housing Wealth, Housing Finance, and Limited Risk-Sharing in General Equilibrium
J.Favilukis, S.Ludvigson, and S. Van Nieuwerburgh, Stern working paper, January 2011

Estimating the Cost of City-Industry Specific Risk from a Structural Migration Model
A Hizmo, Stern working paper, 2011

The Common Variation in Housing Price Returns
A. Hizmo, Stern working paper, 2011

Risk in Housing Markets
A. Hizmo, Stern working paper, 2011

Measuring Systemic Risk
V Acharya, L Pedersen, T Philippon and M Richardson, May 2010

Reassessing FHA Risk
A Caplin, D Aragon, S Chopra, J Leahy, Y LeCun, M Scoffier, and J Tracy, NBER Working Paper 15802, 2010

Machine Learning and the Spatial Structure of House Prices and Housing Returns
A Caplin, S Chopra, J Leahy, Y LeCun, and T Thampy, 2008

Facilitating Shared Appreciation Mortgages to Prevent Housing Crashes and Affordability Crises
A Caplin, N Cunningham, M Engler, and F Pollock, Hamilton Project Discussion Paper, 2008-12

Can Housing Collateral Explain Long-Run Swings in Asset Returns?
S Van Nieuwerburgh and H Lustig, November 5, 2007