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Student Research + Awards

The following real estate papers have been written by Stern students in the context of thesis or paper requirements at Stern.


"Distant Speculators and Asset Bubbles in the Housing Market" - Alex Chinco and Chris Mayer, PhD Student Working Paper

"Covered Bond Markets: An Analysis of Their Impact on Mortgage Underwriting" - Ryan Kreitzer, Undergraduate Honors Thesis, May 2012

"Strategic Mortgage Default in Financial Institutions: a Proposal for an Alternative Management" - Jonathan Franco, Melodie Anne Juson, Diederick Koolmees, Cynthia Liwanag and Jeffrey Cherry, Executive MS in Risk Management Masters Thesis, May 28 2012

If you are a current student at Stern and are interested in working in real estate, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Awards + Scholarships

CREFR Service Excellence Award 2015
Elese Berk (MBA)
Mark Lansman (MBA)
Michael Felicetta (UG)
CREFR Academic Excellence Award 2015
Judith Herbstman (MBA)
 Ryan Yichen Liu (UG)

CREFR Service Excellence Award 2014
Maggie Deichman (MBA)
Steven Stein (MBA)

Josh Coonin (UG)
Yoni Pessar (UG)

CREFR Academic Excellence Award 2014
Peter Christian (MBA)
Louis Sleimann (UGH)

From the left: Professor Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, Thomas McKinley (recipient), Alice Yeung (recipient), Vice Dean for MBA Programs Thomas Pugel, Steven Stein, Maggie Deichmann

CREFR Service Excellence Award 2013
  • Thomas McKinley
  • Alice Yeung
  • Sandra Go
CREFR Academic Excellence Award 2013
  • Shourya Ghosh
  • Yosef Lefkovitz
WX Scholarship:
  • Lauren Sanders
  • Alice Yeung

UNC 2nd Place
2nd Place UNC Real estate Development Case Competition
Lauren Sanders
Kathleen Urbani
Steven Stein
Jason Davis