Financial Institutions Research Project

Financial intermediaries play a crucial role in channeling capital from investors to companies. We define financial intermediaries broadly, including not only commercial banks, but also investment banks and providers of private equity and venture capital. Thus our research program focuses not only on ‘traditional’ banking questions, such as the regulation of commercial banks and the monetary transmission channels between the banking sector and the real economy, but also on the role and efficiency of investment banks and private equity funds in helping companies raise capital. For instance, the recent fallout from the new-economy boom has led to public and regulatory concerns over the role of investment banks in taking companies public. Other topics the program will focus on include sell-side research coverage, the integration of commercial and investment banking, risk management systems, and the regulatory changes under the Basel II proposals. We plan to organize seminars and conferences, provide access to unique datasets, and publicize the research efforts of NYU faculty in this important field.

Alexander Ljungqvist
Ira Rennert Professor of Finance
Director, Financial Institutions Research Project