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NASDAQ Derivatives Research Project

With the restructuring of the NYU Salomon Center in Fall 2003, the Derivatives Research Project (DRP), started in 1996, has become one of several research programs in specialized fields. In 2005, The Nasdaq Stock Market Educational Foundation, Inc., awarded the School a generous three-year grant to more firmly establish the DRP at the forefront of derivatives inquiry. The project has been renamed the NASDAQ Derivatives Research Project in recognition of this grant. Read the press release >>
The mission of the DRP remains the same. Its primary objectives are to support theoretical and applied research on derivative instruments and markets, risk management and financial engineering, and to promote interaction between academics and practitioners in these important and rapidly growing areas. The DRP holds conferences and smaller meetings, sponsors fundamental research, provides support in a variety of ways for those engaged in derivatives research, and in general, promotes activities that advance the mutual interests of researchers in derivatives and risk management in academia and on "the Street."
Stephen Figlewski
Professor of Finance
Director, The NASDAQ Derivatives Research Project

Derivatives 2013:The State of the Art 40 Years after the Black-Scholes-Merton Model

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