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Berkley Center Services- 2 11/19/13

Learn. Launch. Lead.

If you're thinking now's the time to finally get that idea you've been kicking around in your head off the ground, we can help. Through an array of co-curricular activities, the Stern Innovation Labs equip students, alumni, and researchers from across NYU's campus with the skills, know-how and ability to launch and grow sustainable ventures. For every emerging entrepreneur we see each year (and there's more than 800 of them), we strive to ensure that they:

  • Learn > Develop the skills and acquire the information critical to creating a successful venture.
  • Launch > Get the support and resources needed to make their vision actually happen.
  • Lead > Build bold, exceptional entrepreneurial enterprises that bring innovation to the marketplace, create jobs, improve lives and build wealth.

Our programs and services are designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs at all stages, no matter where they are in the venture development process.

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