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Project Types

This grant program is designed as a way for faculty to partner with us to pursue projects in the following areas: 

New learning formats: Online, blended, flipped, experiential and global / multi-campus
Courses and programs can be delivered in a variety of formats that go beyond the classroom. Proposals for this project type are for the development of new courses and/or the transformation of existing classroom-based courses to online, blended, flipped, experiential, or multi-campus formats. Proposals may include developing digital and media resources for existing and new courses.
Student-centered learning experiences: Projects, group activities, and events
Student-centered teaching methods place the student at the center of the learning experience, over the instructor. In student-centered activities, the instructor is in the role of facilitator and guides the students in their construction of knowledge and understanding. Proposals for this project type ideally include an explanation of the roles of faculty and students in a project, group activity, or event.

Use of technology to enhance learning: Apps, social platforms, and collaborative tools
The purposeful of use of technology in education can enhance, support, and extend student learning. Proposals for this project type focus on initiatives that use new learning tools and technologies. The proposal should include an explanation of how integrating technology will impact student learning.