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Observation and NYU Classes Site Review

The Observation and NYU Classes Site Review option is a good choice if you have been working on integrating your NYU Classes site with classroom activities. For example, you might be using the testing function in NYU Classes to assess how well your students understand a key concept after they have read the text about that concept but before the class in which you will discuss it. Another example, you may be using the Forums tool in NYU Classes to extend discussions beyond the classroom and you want some feedback from an outside expert about how to do it more effectively.

If you choose this option, both a STEP consultant and an Educational Technologist from the W.R. Berkley Innovation Lab (formerly CITL) will visit your classroom and review your NYU Classes site.

To request this option, please

1. Fill out this Faculty Consultant Form.


2. Save the Consultant Request Form to your computer, fill out the needed information in Microsoft Word, and e-mail it as an attachment to