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Student Small Group Analysis

The Student Small Group Analysis (SGA) option is most useful if it is done during the early weeks of the course, by midterm at the latest, since it provides early feedback from students, and it enables you to catch small problems early, when there is time to make changes.

It involves your inviting a faculty development consultant to a specific class, and the consultant observes the class with your goals for students in mind. Toward the end of class, the instructor leaves the room while the consultant asks students for feedback about what is most useful to their learning in the course and for suggestions for what might improve their learning in the course.

After the class, the consultant prepares a report and meets with you to review the information gathered from students. You then complete the process by discussing the results with the class and telling them what changes (if any) you will make based on the students' and consultant’s feedback.

The in-class process takes the 20 to 30 minutes of class time (for 50+ students, 40 - 45 minutes).

To request this option, please

1. Fill out this Faculty Consultant Form.


2. Save the Consultant Request Form to your computer, fill out the needed information in Microsoft Word, and e-mail it as an attachment to