NYU Stern

EMT Specialization

Students who wish to specialize in EMT are required to take a total of 10 credits of EMT designated courses at Stern. MKTG-UB.0040 Entertainment and Media Industries is required. Suggested courses are listed below:

Required Course

MKTG-UB.0040: Entertainment and Media Industries (2 credits)

Elective Courses

Stern courses (choose 4 more courses):

MKTG-UB.0019  The Business oif Publishing (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0020: Film & Television Distribution & Finance (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0021: Entertainment Finance (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0022: Movie Marketing (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0023: Impact of Technology on Entertainment & Media (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0025  The Business of Broadway (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0041: Media Planning (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0044: Television Management (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0045  Social Media Marketing (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0046: Globalization of the Entertainment Industry (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0047: Sports Marketing (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0049: The Business of Producing (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0051  Craft and Commerce of Cinema: Tribeca (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0056  Digital Strategic Marketing (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0080  Leisure Marketing (2 credits)
ACCT-UB..0049  Entertainment Accounting (2 credits)
ACCT-UB.0055  Accounting and Valuation in EMT (2 credits)
ECON-UB.0211  Sports Economics (3 credits)
INFO-UB.0038: Electronic Commerce (3 credits)
MULT-UB.0048: Entertainment Law (2 credits)