Trademark Surveys, Volume 1: Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Surveys

By Jacob Jacoby

Written by Professor Jacob Jacoby at the invitation of the American Bar Association, this 1,064-page treatise integrates relevant intellectual property case law with scientific research practice. The audiences for this comprehensive reference work are (a) academic and applied researchers called upon to design and conduct survey research for the purpose of being proffered as evidence in litigated disputes; (b) practicing attorneys who need to understand the research process so that they can better evaluate the research they commission as well as critique the research commissioned by their adversaries; and (c) trial judges who must evaluate and then write informed opinions regarding such research. The ten chapters are entitled: Legal Issues that can be Examined by Surveys; Selecting a Survey Expert; Understanding the Marketplace; The Fundamentals of Scientific Research with Special Emphasis on Assessing Causation; The Universe; Sampling from Universes; Test Settings, Stimuli and Tasks; The Questionnaire; Gathering the Data; and Cleaning, Aggregating, Analyzing, Evaluating and Reporting the Data. The book was published in August.

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Jacob Jacoby is a Professor of Marketing and the Merchants' Council Professor in Retail Management and Consumer Behavior.