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Professor Claudine Gartenberg's joint research on company performance and Professor Thomas Philippon's joint research on volatility

Excerpt from Bloomberg View -- "In the 2000s, a series of academic papers showed that corporate America had become a much less comfortable place for incumbents. Lots of people in corporate America already knew this, but it was helpful to see peer-reviewed evidence: L.G. Thomas and Richard D’Aveni found big increases in profit volatility among manufacturing companies from 1950 to 2002. Diego Comin and Thomas Philippon found a similar increase in the volatility of sales growth and other metrics. ... This summer, though, Victor Manuel Bennett and Claudine Madras Gartenberg, professors at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and New York University’s Stern School of Business respectively, did something interesting. They took the volatility measures from the above papers and a few others, added some of their own, and updated them all."

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