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    Excerpt from The Huffington Post -- "The Stern School believes in the tremendous potential of individuals to solve global problems through the power of business. As business students trained in mindfulness move into leadership positions, they will bring with them a new paradigm for leadership excellence that drives business results while focusing on compassion, self-awareness, courage and resilience personally, interpersonally and organizationally."
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    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "Today, I’m a few weeks into my MBA journey and if there’s one thing I’ve learned thus far it’s this: business school is a perfect melting pot of disciplines. If you think you’re from a non-traditional background, you’ll quickly learn that 'non-traditional' is a label that does not really exist. My classmates are not only bankers, marketers and consultants, but also doctors, designers, politicians, Olympians, lawyers, veterans, actors, and more. Business schools love candidates from diverse fields. What matters most is the unique perspective you’ll bring to the classroom and the relationships you will build with those around you."
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    Excerpt from Digital Journal -- "It was a packed house at NYU Stern's auditorium as the prestigious New York University business school hosted a 'Economic Outlook Panel' with economists Vincent Reinhart and Julia Coronado along with professors Kim Schoenholtz and David Backus on September 3, 2014. In 2014, the economy has become a topic as likely to be discussed over cocktails as it is at an economic conference, so it should come as no surprise it was so well-attended."
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    Excerpt from US News University Directory -- "While in 2003-2004, New York University's Stern School of Business only had two entrepreneurship classes with 62 students, that number jumped to seven courses with 281 students enrolled in 2012-2013, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported. In 2012, the school also introduced a specialized academic track in entrepreneurship."
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    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "Hori, arguably the most successful business school career management director of her generation, had been in charge of the placement of Northwestern University’s Kellogg MBAs for nearly 17 years. The hire is a major coup for NYU Stern which significantly expanded Hori’s role at the school. Stern said Hori will 'build, sustain and manage a broad array of corporate relationships that underpin the career development program for MBA students and alumni, as well as forge new relationships with companies across sectors and markets around the world.'"
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    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "Students at leading business schools... the biggest secular macro-trend that they're going to deal with is the migration of people from rural to urban, which, in turn, opens up massive business opportunities all around you in infrastructure, you name it, there's opportunities... Most business schools that I know don't seem to address the whole, with the exception of NYU, which has actually set up an entire center to basically study the city as a unit of analysis."
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    Excerpt from CNBC -- "We have a Center for Business and Human Rights precisely because millennials are concerned with this. They're not just concerned about doing good, they're not just concerned about making ethical decisions on tax inversion and re-domiciling, but they're concerned about, how do they do that in the context in which they are also capitalists. They also want to make money. They want to do well for their families. So, how do we... address that? And I think that what we are trying to instill here with the Center for Business & Human Rights is really, how does human rights and these other questions... how do they come up in the classroom? And, more importantly, we're seeing them pop up not just in ethics... but we're treating it as a business question... I think that, at Stern, it's important to us to instill that character and integrity in our students."
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    Excerpt from CNBC -- "One of the things we're really focused on with our students is helping them be leaders by asking the right questions. So, this morning, actually, we just welcomed our incoming class of 409 MBA students. And we put in front of them Malcolm Gladwell, who spoke very, very passionately about the connection between leadership and data, actually. So, in other words, it's not enough just to have lots of information. You have to ask the right questions about how to use that information."
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    Excerpt from The New York Times -- "Option B asks applicants to describe themselves using 'almost any method to convey your message.'...Because this is business school, not 'America’s Got Talent,' prepared submissions — videos, slides, songs, art projects — matter more for the insight they offer than the artistry they display. 'This is definitely not a creativity contest,' says Isser Gallogly, assistant dean of M.B.A. admissions at Stern."
  • Campus Tech Award
    On July 30, the NYU Stern Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning will be honored for its work on Langone Lab Orientation with the 2014 Campus Technology Innovators Award at the 21st Annual Campus Technology Conference.
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    Excerpt from Business Insider -- "New York University’s Stern School reported an impressive 11.3% drop in average MBA debt to $93,832 from $105,782 in 2012. Stern Dean Peter Henry says a major concern for him is “accessibility” to higher education. One of his top priorities is to raise more money for scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students. The reason average debt is down at Stern, he says, is increased funding for scholarships and a new program that forgives loans if a graduate pursues a career in the social sector."
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    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "Relying on cyclical patterns to judge economic and financial trends may not be as dependable as it once was because of the structural changes in financial markets. Compared with just a few decades ago, financial markets are huge, trading activity is huge and financial assets are highly concentrated in relatively few institutions that are deemed too big to fail."
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    Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal -- "[Anish] Patel, 20, is the founder of Uplift Humanity, a New Jersey-based nonprofit that works with orphans and imprisoned youth in India. It’s an organization he founded four years ago, following a series of annual family vacations to Gujarat. 'My yearly trips to India gave me a new understanding of how luck defines the circumstances you are put in,' he said. 'I believe these kids deserve a second chance.' ... Mr. Patel’s organization focuses primarily on youth who are caught in a cycle of poverty and theft. “You can work on confidence-building and anger management. The kids who come to these facilities struggle with low self-esteem and it’s a major factor as to why they turn to things like theft,” he said."
  • BusinessBecause
    Excerpt from BusinessBecause -- "NYU Stern created the Social Impact Internship Fund, a financial stipend of up to $10,000, which supports first-year full-time MBA students who wish to complete a summer internship working at the intersection of business and society. Several other schools have followed suit. Recipients have worked with nonprofit organizations [and] for-profit social enterprises, and started their own social ventures."
  • mbaprograms.org logo
    Excerpt from MBAPrograms.org -- "NYU Stern graduates should feel confident that their education has prepared them not only for the next step in their career after the MBA, but also for a future of career opportunities. While at Stern, students learn from our world-renowned faculty while also gaining hands-on experience in management and leadership through a variety of programs such as the Leadership Development Initiative, Board Fellows Program and Stern Consulting Corps. This combination of theory and practice prepares students to transform challenges into opportunities and create value for business and society."
  • campus technology logo feature
    Excerpt from Campus Technology -- "Georgieva and her colleagues hope the program will expose students to a process of collaborative learning that maintains a balance between creative intuition and analytical rigor; challenges students to 'think disruptively;' facilitates experiential learning using digital tools; and inspires students to envision new possibilities for their future careers. It also establishes the notions of participation, collaboration and authentic learning as cultural mainstays of the business curriculum."
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    Excerpt from CNBC -- "'I really think SnappyScreen is going to be the next big thing for sunscreen application. We're not only going to make this easier for people but really provide something that is going to help the epidemic of skin cancer,' McClellan said."
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    Excerpt from Wine Spectator -- "'For me, the highlights of the trip were lunches at Pichon Baron, where I got to have a wonderful chat about the wine biz with AXA managing director Christian Seely, at Phélan Ségur, where we were just blown away by their hospitality and the wines, and then of course dinner at Châteaus Palmer and Lafite,' said Adam Teeter, a team member on NYU Stern."
  • The Wall Street Journal
    Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal -- "Because most B-school applicants come from the working world, the personal statements help admissions officers understand why a candidate is pursuing a particular path, said Isser Gallogly, Stern's assistant dean of M.B.A. admissions."
  • financial times logo feature
    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "The excursion to West Point – on a sprawling pastoral campus by the Hudson River – was part of Stern’s leadership development initiative, a supplemental MBA programme involving workshops, guest speakers and field trips. Caitlin Weaver, the director of the initiative, says the missions give students an opportunity to practise leadership skills such as 'setting a vision, communicating a vision and managing conflict' within a group. 'We chose an activity that leverages the deep traditions and leadership practices within the military.'"
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    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "In this day and age of the incredible shrinking essay, this is one that allows you to communicate a lot about yourself in a small space. The personal expression essay is a great way for people to show their uniqueness."
  • metromba logo
    Excerpt from MetroMBA -- "'The focus of our project was to analyze Mexico City’s zoning regulations and assess their impact on the affordable housing supply,' said Laura Fox. 'We are affecting a longer-term momentum shift here. As MBAs we all want to be ‘boots on the ground’ and to get this tangible experience that has been really meaningful. No other MBA program has an urbanization program like Stern’s, and this project has been a fulfillment of why I came to the School.'"
  • economist logo feature
    Excerpt from The Economist -- "A much better policy, says Mr Angel, is to 'make room'—not with a detailed master plan of the sort that gave rise to ugly artificial cities such as Brasília, but with a 'platform' that can be built upon like Manhattan’s now-famous street grid. It was adopted in 1811 and allowed the island to be developed over time. Today’s fast-growing cities should establish expansion areas that can accommodate expected growth, plan arterial roads and public spaces, and secure the rights for both, says Mr Angel. This way streets can be built and infrastructure put in as needed."
  • fortune logo feature
    Excerpt from Fortune -- "College is an excellent investment. We need to make sure that college is affordable and we need to be very clear about the kinds of college education that generate returns and those that don't."
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    Excerpt from MetroMBA -- "Dean Peter Henry of the Stern School of Business met with 37 part-time MBAs from East China Normal University (ECNU) as part of their NYU Stern Custom Program: East China Normal University (ECNU) International Enterprise Management Elite Program. The two-week program integrated high-end NYU Stern courses in global strategy, marketing, finance and operations, and visits with practitioners. Students gained insights on the current global corporate landscape, studied how international companies are operated and managed, and explored ways for Chinese companies to expand globally."


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