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    Excerpt from TopMBA -- "Drawing on his own experiences, Banga spoke of the importance he attaches to diversity for business and leadership. Plus, in a nod to NYU Stern’s torch logo, he ended his commencement address by declaring, 'You’ve been handed a torch to a future of greater diversity and better business that can truly light the way to a better, more equal world.'"
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    Excerpt from Bloomberg Businessweek -- "Ajay Banga, chief executive officer at MasterCard, will speak to MBA’s at NYU’s Stern School of Business on May 22."
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    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "When Laura Fox decided to go to business school, she chose NYU Stern for one reason: its urbanisation programme. 'Given the scale of urbanisation in the next 40 years, if we don’t get it right now, we are in real trouble,' she says. As she approaches the end of her first year, she is part of a team of three MBA students who are working with academics in the Marron Institute at NYU to help policy makers in Mexico City develop a more liveable city. 'This project is really different,' she says, 'because we are building a business-focused proposal for a policy group.'"
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    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "But there is a more fundamental point, says Prof Romer: should urbanisation be restricted or actively encouraged? He is clear: 'I decided to start working on urbanisation because in developing economies I concluded that the effect of urbanisation was the fastest way for their economies to grow.'"
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    Excerpt from Idealist.org -- "NYU’s Stern School of Business, in partnership with its Social Enterprise Association MBA club, established the school’s Loan Assistance Program. The program seeks to reduce the financial burden of repaying business school loans for MBA graduates who pursue nonprofit, government, or social enterprise career paths. ... A Loan Assistance Program helps enable students to think early—and seriously—about pursuing career paths that support positive change."
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    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "More than anything I’m grateful for the amount of resources that the Entrepreneurs Challenge—and NYU—afforded us. Everything imaginable that you need to get your business going—a framework, mentors, continual feedback—they gave us. I can’t say enough about the coaches, mentors, judges, and all the people we were introduced to throughout the process. As first-time entrepreneurs, they were incredibly helpful and always willing to share their time. So even if we would have lost, it still would’ve all been worth it."
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    Excerpt from TopMBA -- "The MBA admissions committee has seen strengths in your application, but there may be ways to improve your candidacy. We are looking for people who have the personal initiative to improve themselves. We provide detailed information about what we evaluate and why on our website. We are looking for the kind of person who can take that information, do a self-assessment and take appropriate action."
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    Excerpt from Admit1MBA -- "We recognize that our New York City location is attractive to many applicants, and we offer many opportunities for applicants to visit us and engage with our community – from our fall class visit program, to our new Future of Business series with faculty to special interview days in the winter and spring. Through our personal and thorough admissions process, which includes an interview for all admitted applicants, we assess an applicant’s fit with our program."
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    Excerpt from Fox Business -- "We hear every week of a new position taken by activist investors and we all know the names Ackman and Icahn. You have already said in the past that the value of such investors depends on the company and the situation. And, considering your decision in abstaining from the Coke vote, my question for you is: Under what circumstances would you decide to take an active role and why?"
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    Dean Peter Henry is profiled

    May 2, 2014
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    Excerpt from MBA Programs News -- "Henry, whose research explores emerging economies, told Bloomberg Businessweek, 'At Stern we want to create leaders who say it is a corporate imperative that we train people who are as comfortable in the Middle East as they are in Manhattan.'”
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    Excerpt from Bloomberg Businessweek -- "$75,000: To HireCanvas and Scott Holand, an MBA at New York University’s Stern School of Business, in the school’s annual entrepreneurship contest. The startup seeks to make the campus recruiting process less time-consuming for students and employers."
  • the guardian logo feature
    Excerpt from The Guardian -- "'Our process began with seeking to understand what women did and didn't eat while pregnant. We then worked within these cultural norms and practices to devise a product that would be habitually consumed,' says Edmundson, who is wary that some approaches to substituting the iron lacking from diets due to taboos are contradictory."
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    Excerpt from Betabeat -- "Brooklinen, if they get full funding from their Kickstarter, will manufacture and sell luxury, 100 percent Egyptian cotton bedsheets starting at $100 a set. The company was founded by Rich Fulop and David Fortune, two current MBA students at NYU Stern School of Business."
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    Excerpt from The New York Times -- "A study released on Monday by New York University’s Stern School of Business showed how hard [it is to improve garment working conditions]. It said that a major problem with the accord and the alliance was that while they will inspect 2,000 of Bangladesh’s more than 5,000 apparel factories, the more than 3,000 others generally have worse conditions — and middlemen often secretly send them orders from Western brands."
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    Dean Peter Henry Visits the White House

    April 16, 2014
    Dean Peter Henry Visits the White House
    White House senior economic advisors invited Dean Peter Henry to participate in a roundtable on April 16 in the Roosevelt Room with a select group of peer school deans to discuss best practices for a 21st century workplace that meets the needs of women and working families.
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    Excerpt from The New York Times -- "With the sales of physical comics faltering, ComiXology is playing a leading role in developing the technology that is allowing the craft to move online. Its library of content includes 40,000 comics from 75 major publishers. Last fall, ComiXology had its 200-millionth download."
  • wall street journal logo feature
    Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal -- "Starting to assess bitcoin from an academic angle while the currency is still in its infancy allows Yermack and Miller to set the agenda for future study of the subject. 'You can help shape the field by stipulating what you think the important topics are,' Yermack says. 'For an academic, that’s fun.'”
  • inc logo feature
    Excerpt from Inc. -- "Keen Home began with vents, but the founders insist it won’t end there. 'We’re thinking of the home as a body,' says Fant. 'The respiratory system is an analogy for the Smart Vent, but there’s also plumbing, electrical, and other forgotten--or "sleepy"--systems.'”
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    Excerpt from LAist -- "NYU's Stern Urbanization Project is giving us a chance to visualize just what type of urban expansion has taken over our city of angels from 1877 to 2000—and it's pretty cool to watch."
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    Excerpt from The New York Post -- "'Summer @ Stern is set to attract students who are thinking of pursing business in college,' says Rohit Deo, vice dean of undergraduate academic affairs and strategic planning for the college. Two six-week-long sessions will be offered -- one focusing on business and investments and another on behavioral economics and the science of decision-making."
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    Excerpt from Crain's -- "After years of relentlessly attacking the big stock exchanges with better technology, Mr. Harkins is now studying for an M.B.A. in finance and entrepreneurship at New York University. Being an entrepreneur is always fun and risky, he said. 'But if you know your industry really well, you can make educated guesses on where it's going.'"
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    Excerpt from NPR -- "If you have to rock the boat to get what you think you deserve, then you should do it, but I think there's a right way to do it. You don't have to be rude."
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    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "Stern Dean Peter Henry says a major concern for him is 'accessibility' to higher education. One of his top priorities is to raise more money for scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students. The reason average debt is down at Stern, he says, is increased funding for scholarships and a new program that forgives loans if a graduate pursues a career in the social sector."
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    Excerpt from CNBC -- "We started the idea for SunCulture through New York University's Business Plan Competition about two years ago... I studied mechanical engineering. I was working in renewable energy. We were doing large-scale commercial solar power installations and Samir came on board as a finance guy coming from Stern. So we put those two backgrounds together and made this idea happen."
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    Lord Mervyn King's appointment to NYU is featured

    March 26, 2014
    wall street journal logo feature
    Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal -- "Lord King of Lothbury — also known as former Bank of England Governor Mervyn King – has taken up a teaching post at New York University. NYU said Wednesday Mr. King will join the faculties of both its Stern School of Business and School of Law in fall."


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