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  • cnnmoney logo feature
    Excerpt from CNNMoney -- "'Almost every industry in the United States has become more concentrated over time. That's for sure,' said Thomas Philippon, professor of finance at New York University. 'All this consolidation has led to less competition, and higher costs for consumers.'"
  • washington post logo feature
    Excerpt from The Washington Post -- "'Child abuse is one topic where they feel very comfortable acting aggressively to police their terrain in a focused way,' Barrett said. 'My sense is that they going to have to get just as focused on Russia as they are on child abuse. If they don’t, we will see a repeat in 2018 of what took place in 2016.'"
  • inc logo feature
    Excerpt from Inc. -- "'The move to build a new headquarters [has] significant implications for the local economy of whatever city it winds up picking,' explains Ari Ginsberg, a professor of entrepreneurship and management at New York University's Stern School of Business, who researches business expansion."
  • quartz logo
    Excerpt from Quartz -- "Once viewers learn that videos can be computer generated, this technology could essentially undermine the credibility of all audio and video recordings. This may lead viewers to conclude that anything they read, hear, or see online could be fake. Ultimately, this lack of trust in facts could further erode democracy. 'It’s hard not to see a dystopian future,' says Webb. 'We all need to slow down for five minutes and think this through.'"
  • harvard business review logo feature
    Excerpt from the Harvard Business Review -- "We’ve seen a sea change in the last 10 years around company and NGO engagement — it’s far more cooperative. I think the elements of a successful partnership are: first, that both parties have aligned goals, expectations, and parameters; second, they design a way to have a common language that respects their different perspectives; and third, the company invests the time and resources required to make the relationship productive, including a dedicated and empowered corporate point person for the NGO. The result will be innovation."
  • Crowdfund Insider  192 x 144
    Excerpt from Crowdfund Insider -- "According to the school, The Fubon Center will serve as the School’s hub to support, facilitate and enhance cross-disciplinary collaboration among its existing areas of excellence in technological innovation, such as Fintech, Business Analytics, Technology, and Entrepreneurship."
  • bloomberg logo
    Excerpt from Bloomberg -- "'Machines will be doing more of the grunt work of discovering opportunities,' said Vasant Dhar, who 20 years ago founded one of the first machine-learning hedge funds, the $350 million Adaptive Quant Trading program at SCT Capital Management. 'They can generate hypotheses, test them, and then tell humans, "This is interesting, go dig deeper." As machines add more value, it changes the nature of work humans do.'"
  • – Business and Policy Leader Events

    C-Suite Speaker Series: A Conversation with Bob Greifeld

    December 5, 2017
    On Tuesday, Dec. 5, NYU Stern will welcome Bob Greifeld (MBA ’87), Co-founder of North Island Ventures and Chairman of Virtu Financial, Inc., to campus as part of Stern’s “C-Suite Speaker Series.”
  • associated press logo feature
    Excerpt from the Associated Press -- "My sense is that consumers won't benefit all that much from this deal and if anything there will be less choice in the market for consumers looking to purchase both medical coverage and pharmaceutical coverage because once you have both, as CVS will have now, there may be the ability for them to exert power over those corporations with which they are negotiating both pharmacy and medical packages."
  • bloomberg logo feat
    Excerpt from Bloomberg -- "We now have an Amazon singularity in the markets where all consumer stocks are moving corresponding to what Amazon is or isn't doing. I think one of the components of robust markets is that no one company has too much control..."
  • CT post logo 192 x 144
    Excerpt from CT Post -- "'The patient is sort of caught in this vice,' said Robert Lamb, a professor of finance and management at the Stern School of Business at New York University, who studies mergers. 'The specific arrangement that the two organizations have with each other means that you don’t have, one, freedom of choice but two, they’ve already made an agreement that there will not be outsiders, there cannot be outsiders. … That’s the problem.'"
  • the guardian logo feature
    Excerpt from The Guardian -- "Financed entirely by public resources and without the support of foreign donors, the condominium programme has, however, won its fair share of plaudits. 'It represents a commitment to social housing that is rarely seen in Africa,' says Patrick Lamson-Hall of New York University."
  • Richard Ming-Hsing Tsai feature
    New York University’s Stern School of Business announced the establishment of The Fubon Center for Technology, Business and Innovation, made possible through an $8 million endowed gift from alumnus Richard Ming-Hsing Tsai (MBA ’81), Chairman and CEO of Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd. together with Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd.
  • – Research Center Events

    Fall 2017 NYU Stern Ross Roundtable

    December 4, 2017
    Experts from academia, financial industries, regulatory agencies, media and the legal and accounting professions will gather at NYU Stern on December 4 for a roundtable on “FASB Accounting Standards Update: Measurement of Credit Losses on Financial Instruments,” hosted by the Vincent C. Ross Institute of Accounting Research. 
  • haitkinfeature2
    NYU Stern’s Business & Society Program welcomed Preet Bharara, NYU Law Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence and former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, to campus for the 13th annual Haitkin Lecture
  • am new york logo
    Excerpt from AM New York -- "'They don’t have the money that [ISPs] will demand,' Nicholas Economides, a professor of economics at the NYU Stern School of Business said. 'Killing net neutrality automatically puts them at a disadvantage.'"
  • Stamford Advocate 192 x 144
    Excerpt from the Stamford Advocate -- "'We’re looking at the end of the cash era, and that means everyone in the payments stack is looking to position themselves,' said Kathleen DeRose, a clinical associate professor of finance in New York University’s business school. 'From Synchrony’s perspective, they benefit from economies of scale.'"
  • – School News

    Stern's Tech MBA degree is featured

    December 2, 2017
    poets and quants logo
    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "At New York University’s Stern School of Business, a new tech MBA will offer students a specialized one-year MBA that focuses on business and technology. Peter Henry is the dean at NYU’s Stern. Henry tells the Financial Times that the one-year format matches the employment model of tech employers since tech companies often hire on an ad-hoc basis due to the industry’s imminent pace of change."
  • – Faculty News

    Dean Peter Henry is profiled by his alma mater

    December 1, 2017
    Carolina Alumni Review logo 192 x 144
    Excerpt from Carolina Alumni Review -- "Somehow, we've forgotten that trade, capital flows and immigration are the keys to driving greater shared prosperity -- whether you're in Akron, Ohio, or Accra, Ghana. We need more of those things, not less. I want to get back to advocating for that, and I feel like the best way for me to do that is through my research and teaching -- engaging with students, scholars and even the broader public. Thanks to technology, the classroom's now the world, and the possibilities are endless."
  • Des Moines Register logo 192 x 144
    Excerpt from the Des Moines Register -- "'I think they basically flew under the radar,' said Craig, NYU's Catherine and Peter Kellner Professor of Entrepreneurship and Arts and Media Management. 'If you ask people who publishes Better Homes and Gardens, they would say, "I don’t know."' He expects that all to change now that the Des Moines-based Meredith has acquired industry giant Time Inc. 'I d­­­o think this catapults Meredith to the front of the line,' Craig said."
  • – Research Center Events

    NET Institute Conference on Network Economics

    December 1, 2017
    KMC Street View Feature
    Distinguished academics from around the world will convene to share their research in the rapidly evolving field of network economics at the 2017 NET Institute Conference, held in partnership with NYU Stern’s Center for Global Economy and Business.
  • HollenderFeautre
    Jeffrey Hollender, Co-Founder and former CEO of Seventh Generation, and Meika Hollender (MBA ’13) Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Sustain Natural, will join MBA students and alumni for a 2017-18 Speaker Series Event.
  • clear admit logo feature
    Excerpt from Clear Admit -- "Amazon hired more Stern graduates in the Class of 2017 than any other company, marking the first time that a technology company topped the list of leading employers. In the past five years, technology placements have more than doubled, and they jumped almost 7 percentage points in the past year alone. Stern also last spring announced the launch of a new specialized one-year Tech MBA program and is currently accepting applications for its inaugural class."
  • marketplace radio logo feature
    Excerpt from Marketplace -- "I think people who own these things have a certain appetite for risk...What you're talking about with digital currencies is much more idiosyncratic risk which is unique to the asset but not tied to the overall economy."
  • ny1 logo feature
    Excerpt from NY1 -- "Most of these companies have policies in place and if it gets that outrageous that they have to fire people in 24 hours, then I have to question whether those policies are working. ... Companies need to start rebuilding trust with their workforce and if they have a policy in place and someone's complaining, they're supposed to do an investigation, they're supposed to get back to the person who's accusing and they're supposed to get back to the person who's been accused."