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Assistant Dean Isser Gallogly highlights Stern's Summer Start option for MBA students

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Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal -- "NYU Stern allows some first-years to begin M.B.A. coursework in July, as a way for students to lighten their course loads for the academic year. While the majority of the school’s Summer Start students are selected by program administrators for their leadership potential or because they might benefit from an early start, NYU holds a few spots for additional students who wish to opt in, said Isser Gallogly, assistant dean of M.B.A. admissions. He said the school has seen more requests for those spots, which carry an additional fee of around $2,500, in recent years. The 60 to 65 summer students 'get to know each other quite well,' and form close ties, Mr. Gallogly said. Come fall, administrators spread them among the six cohort blocks of the M.B.A. class, where they act as 'connectors,' he said."

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