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Professor Baruch Lev Discusses New Book, "Winning Investors Over," with Gene Epstein of Barron’s

Professor Baruch Lev, author of Winning Investors Over: Surprising Truths About Honesty, Earnings Guidance and Other Ways to Boost Your Stock Price (HBR, November 2011), sat down with Gene Epstein, economic and book review editor at Barron’s, for a discussion about his research. The event was co-hosted by the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) New York and NYU Stern.

During the fireside chat, Professor Lev touched on a number of research findings:
  • Managers’ performance is largely unrelated to reward
  • Investors react enthusiastically to hedge funds' intervention in their companies
  • Investors strongly support long-term growth investments
  • Over half of stock price reflects long-term growth expectation

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Baruch Lev, Gene Epstein, NIRI officials
(from left to right): Gene Epstein, Barron’s; Baruch Lev, NYU Stern; Cheryl Gedvila, senior vice president of programs, NIRI; and Bernie Kilkelly, president, NIRI