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Ashoka’s Bill Drayton Talks with MBA Students at Leadership Luncheon Series

Bill Drayton, founder & CEO of Ashoka, a nonprofit organization supporting the field of social entrepreneurship, recently spoke to a group of MBA students through NYU Stern’s Leadership Luncheon Series, coordinated by the School’s Leadership Development Team.

Social entrepreneurs are continually listening, creating, testing and starting again.

He themed the talk, “How to Lead in an ‘Everyone is a Changemaker™’ World,” touching on several key skills that need to be in every future leader’s toolbox, including empathy, comfort in working in teams and the ability to effect change.

He began by describing the role of social entrepreneurs, a key group of what he called changemakers in the 21st century. According to Drayton, the job of the social entrepreneur is never done: “They are continually listening, creating, testing and starting again.”

Pointing to the rapid pace of change in today’s world, he stressed the importance of abandoning old business models. He explained that, moving forward, the most successful organizations will work in a fluid team of teams.

Before closing, Drayton imparted a few words of advice to Stern’s MBAs:
  • Be true to yourself
  • Understand how the impact that you will make in your career will affect you
  • Build a network that will open doors
  • Give yourself permission to be a changemaker