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Block Lunch with Christopher Howard, President of Hampden-Sydney College

Character, honesty and ethical behavior will follow you wherever you go.

Christopher Howard, president of Hampden-Sydney College, joined Dean Peter Henry and MBA students for NYU Stern’s Block Lunch event series. Howard discussed his career path, which included positions in the US Air Force, Bristol Myers Squibb, General Electric, the Impact Young Lives Foundation, the University of Oklahoma and his current role at Hampden-Sydney College, as well as the qualities necessary for successful leadership.

Howard shared several pieces of leadership advice with students, including:
  • Be self-aware; know who you are
  • Have a sense of optimism because if you don’t think success is possible when times are tough, neither will your team
  • Know what’s happening around you
  • Don’t expect to operate in the same way throughout your career; what led you to success as a manager may fail you as a vice president
  • Study other leaders
  • Character, honesty and ethical behavior will follow you wherever you go
Howard also noted the challenges that leadership brings and said leaders need “the emotional and spiritual courage to do the right thing even when you know it will cause pain.”

Over the course of the semester, students will have an opportunity to hear candid perspectives from thought leaders in varied industries. Upcoming speakers for Spring 2014 include Susan Jurevics, CEO of Pottermore.