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Prof. Scott Galloway on economic mobility in the US

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Excerpt from Bloomberg TV -- "When I got out of business school, the majority of us did pretty well. We made good livings. And now I think the term is, 'it's never been easier to be a billionaire.' Someone in my class of 130 kids, either through alternative investments, or getting on the right technology train...there's a decent chance we'll have a billionaire in those 130 kids in the next ten years. I think also a third of them are going to end up living at home at some point. They're not going to get onto the right job path, not get the right skills, they're going to have student debt that's going to get in the way of them taking risks, and there's a good chance they're really going to struggle. So it's never been harder to be a millionaire in the US, but it's never been easier to be a billionaire. We have this bifurcation of unprecedented proportions."

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