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Center for Business and Human Rights Research Director Dorothée Baumann-Pauly and Sani Fellow Casey O'Connor share insights on supply chain transparency practices

Excerpt from The Washington Post -- "The majority of companies measure the effort they’re making — touting their own policies or codes of conduct — but stop short of assessing whether those efforts are delivering their promised effects, according to new research by New York University’s Stern Center for Business and Human Rights. 'Having strong policies in place around workplace safety or wages is important, but it does not guarantee that workers are in fact safe and adequately paid,' said Casey O’Connor, who co-authored the report. That leaves consumers in the dark about the type of labor standards they’re supporting. 'It’s very hard to distinguish,' said Dorothée Baumann-Pauly, research director at NYU’s Center for Business and Human Rights. 'The facade looks identical.'"

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