Research Center Events

Executive Education Short Course: Disruptive Leadership: Fostering a Culture of Game-Changing Innovation

Dates: March 1-2, 2018
Location: NYU Washington Square Campus, New York City
Cost: $3,800 (travel and accommodation not included)

What does it take to be a disruptive leader? Do you need to be a brilliant agitator like Steve Jobs? A driven workaholic with a passion to change the world like Tesla’s Elon Musk? There’s more to success than being loud and charismatic; truly disruptive leaders are like Master Chefs on a cooking show, always looking for ways to take existing ingredients—the same ones everyone else has access to—and combine them in unique ways.

This program is intended for participants who want to create a culture that values and encourages new ideas. Participants will learn to rethink the habits that have made them successful in the past, and challenge the conventional wisdom and industry models that have defined their business. To achieve these objectives, the program combines presentations and discussion with practical exercises where participants apply disruptive leadership principles to business issues and scenarios.

For more information on this short course for executives, please visit the course webpage