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  • Piol and Cometto_feature
    Alessandro Piol and Maria Teresa Cometto, co-authors of Tech and the City: The Making of New York's Startup Community, spoke with NYU students and alumni about their new book, which examines the conditions that are contributing to the rise of NYC as a hub of technology and entrepreneurial activity.
  • Darwin's Business_post_feature
    NYU Stern’s Business & Society Program Area and the Evolution Institute co-hosted a workshop to assess the possible applications of evolutionary thinking – including gene-culture co-evolution, multi-level selection and the multiple paths by which humans became ultrasocial creatures – for business and business ethics.
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    Ross Roundtable Discusses Trends in Securities Litigation

    April 15, 2013
    ross roundtable 2013 feature
    Some 50 academics, practitioners and policymakers gathered at NYU Stern on April 15 for a roundtable discussion on “The Inside Scoop on Securities Litigation for 2013.” Industry experts discussed new litigation trends and anticipated the SEC’s main areas of focus this year.
  • Neil Barofsky
    On March 12, NYU Stern's Center for Global Economy and Business hosted a public discussion with Neil Barofsky, NYU Law Professor , the author of Bailout: An Inside Account of How Washington Abandoned Main Street While Rescuing Wall Street and former Special Inspector General of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (“SIGTARP”).
  • KMC Flag Close-up Feature
    The Center for Real Estate Finance Research (CREFR) and Marc H. Bell, General Partner of Barbican Capital host a full-day conference on the future of the U.S. housing finance system.
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    NYU Entrepreneurs Festival

    March 1, 2013
    feature NYU Entrepreneurs Festival 2012
    NYU’s entrepreneurial community—including successful student, faculty and alumni startup founders and venture capital investors—will gather to celebrate innovation and entrepreneurship at the second annual NYU Entrepreneurs Festival.
  • NYU/Penn Conference 2013_feature
    Faculty from top business and law schools convened on February 8 and 9 to present, discuss and debate their work at the ninth annual NYU/Penn Conference on Law and Finance. The event was co-hosted by NYU’s Pollack Center for Law & Business and the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute for Law and Economics, and sponsored by NERA Economic Consulting.
  • KMC Full Shot
    The Conference on Extracting and Understanding the Risk Neutral Probability Density from Options Prices will bring together researchers from NYU Stern and the Federal Reserve Banks of New York and Minneapolis to describe the work they have been doing on extracting the RND from options prices and analyzing the information it contains. Discussants from industry will also share their perspectives on this promising area of research.
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    Stern Economic Outlook Forum 2013

    February 4, 2013
    Global Economic Outlook Forum_feature
    On February 4, Kim Schoenholtz, Professor of Management Practice in the Stern Economics Department and Director of the Center for Global Economy and Business, moderated a discussion among three leading economists from Wall Street firms. Michael Feroli, JP Morgan; Paul Sheard, Standard & Poor's; and Nathan Sheets, Citigroup.
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    The NASDAQ/OMX Derivatives Research Project Research Day 2013

    February 1, 2013
    stern tisch exterior shot
    The NASDAQ/OMX Derivatives Research Project Research Day, hosted by the NYU Stern Salomon Center, is an opportunity to learn about some of the most interesting projects that are currently under way among our active Finance research faculty. Along with presentations of research work in progress, this event will feature a panel discussion on the current state of the world economy and financial system.
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    NYU Start Up Job Expo 2012

    November 29, 2012
    Campus Tech Award
    The first NYU Start Up Job Expo, hosted by NYU Stern's Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Office of Career Development, Career Center for Working Professionals and Entrepreneurs Exchange Club, as well as the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development, the Wasserman Center for Career Development at NYU-Poly, the NYU Entrepreneurs Network and NY Tech Meetup, to be held on Thursday November 29. This event will provide students with a chance to connect with professionals in the entrepreneurial community, such as, ffVentures, Lore, Lot18, Quirky, TargetSpot, Venmo and Yipit.
  • Ross Roundtable Discusses the Re-emergence of Consulting Practices at Major Audi
    Some 50 academics, practitioners and policymakers gathered at NYU Stern in November for a roundtable discussion on the re-emergence of consulting practices at the major audit firms. Industry experts discussed why the firms’ consulting revenues are increasing and whether the practice poses a conflict of interest.
  • Center for Global Economy and Business Hosts a Presentation by Thomas Hoenig, FDIC Director.
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    Social Entrepreneurship Takes Center Stage at 9th Annual Conference

    November 7, 2012
    Social Entrepreneurship 9th Annual Conference_feature
    The largest academic conference of its kind, in terms of research paper submissions, NYU Stern’s Ninth Annual Conference on Social Entrepreneurship, organized by the School’s Business & Society Program Area and the Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, convened scholars from around the world, as well as practitioners and students, to explore topics in social enterprise, innovation, sustainability and impact.
  • 2012 L2 Innovation Forum
    On Wednesday, November 7, NYU Stern and L2 held the fourth annual Innovation Forum in New York City. Speakers from industry and academia presented to a sold-out audience on topics such as social contagion, stock picking and the Digital IQ and America’s political division.
  • Campus Tech Award
    A conference jointly sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the NYU Stern Salomon Center.  This conference aims to promote a better understanding of the role of private equity in the US economy, including real economic effects of private equity transactions and economic welfare implications.
  • feature_panel_Economic and Financial Future panel
    On Thursday, October 11, 2012, NYU Stern co-hosted, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, a panel discussion on Europe’s Economic and Financial Future with Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski, Member of the European Commission, Financial Programming and Budget.
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    Measurable Marketing in the Path-to-Purchase

    September 28, 2012
    cmm feat
    The conference brought together marketing leaders and top academics to explore the increasingly complex path-to-purchase, and the customer experience at the pre-purchase, at-purchase and post-purchase phases. Participants connected to learn best practices along the path-to-purchase in measurement, digital, social and mobile, and heard from the experts who are driving the new consumer journey. Steve Frenda, Path to Purchase Institute, and Jeff Swearingen, Frito-Lay, delivered keynote talks.
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    Workshop on Information in Networks 2012

    September 28, 2012
    Workshop on Information in Networks 2012
    WIN is a Social Networks Summit intended to foster collaboration and to build community.  The purpose of WIN is to bring together leading researchers studying ‘information in networks’ – its distribution, its diffusion, its value, and its influence on social and economic outcomes – in order to lay the foundation for ongoing relationships and to build a lasting multidisciplinary research community.
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    Sixty Years Since Baumol-Tobin: A Celebration

    September 28, 2012
    william baumol
    On September 28th-29th 2012, the NYU C.V. Starr Center for Applied Economics will host a conference to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the publication of Professor William Baumol’s seminal paper “The transactions demand for cash: an inventory theoretic approach."
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    Aspiring Entrepreneurs Compete for $200K in the Entrepreneurs Challenge

    September 19, 2012
    Aspiring Entrepreneurs Compete for $200K in the Entrepreneurs Challenge
    More than 450 aspiring entrepreneurs from NYU’s student, alumni and faculty communities gathered in Paulson Auditorium to hear about this year’s Entrepreneurs Challenge. During the official Kick-Off, attendees received information about NYU Stern’s 14th Annual New Venture Competition and 10th Annual Social Venture Competition – both sponsored by Stern’s Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation – and NYU’s 3rd Annual Technology Venture Competition, hosted by Stern’s Berkley Center and NYU’s Innovation Venture Fund.
  • Feat_Serial Investor & Entrepreneur Brad Feld in Himelberg Speaker Series
    As part of the Himelberg Speaker Series, Brad Feld, co-founder of TechStars, a mentor-driven start-up accelerator program, addressed a packed Cantor Boardroom at NYU Stern. An early stage investor and entrepreneur for more than 25 years, Feld shared several pieces of advice with Stern’s entrepreneurial community.
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    Center for Global Economy and Business Holds Economic Outlook 2012

    September 10, 2012
    NYU Stern Economic Outlook Forum 09.10.12
    Professor Kim Schoenholtz of the NYU Stern Center for Global Economy and Business hosted a panel on the 2012 Economic Outlook with economists David Greenlaw, Jan Hatzius and Peter Hooper.
  • isus
    More than 100 scholars from around the world gathered at NYU Stern for the 2012 International Society for Utilitarian Studies (ISUS) conference themed, “Utilitarianism: Exploring the Past, Looking to the Future.” Sponsored by NYU Stern, with generous support from the Citi Foundation and Daniel & Nancy Paduano, the ISUS conference featured discussions and research on utilitarianism and its historical development, as well as its present-day relevance in such fields as ethics, politics, law, economics and public policy.
  • Scholars & Practitioners Convene for 5th Annual SoFiE Conference + Robert Engle
    The Fifth Annual Society for Financial Econometrics (SoFiE) Conference was hosted by the Oxford-Man Institute and held at the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford this June. Bringing together academics and practitioners from around the world, the conference featured speakers from a number of leading organizations including Banque de France, NYU Stern, Harvard, Stanford and Brown.