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Executive Education Short Course: Decision Modeling in Business Analytics

Dates: August 2 - 3, 2017
Location: NYU Washington Square Campus, New York City
$3,600 (travel and accommodation not included)

In this age of big data, firms need to synthesize vast amounts of information to make savvy business decisions that benefit their organizations. Most firms invest time and dollars into data analytics that identify what has already happened and what might happen in the future. But this is not enough. In order to take full advantage of their firms’ data, executives must know how to convert data insights into executable actions with concrete results. Prescriptive analytics accomplishes this task by transforming data into decisions that are evaluated by their impact on key performance metrics, leading to better decision making.

This course teaches participants to harness the full potential of big data to make more informed decisions at all levels of their organizations. Participants will learn modern decision models and tools in prescriptive analytics. Through application of these tools, they will examine data, recommend a range of actions and evaluate each action’s impact on targeted performance metrics. This course emphasizes application of decision models in finance, marketing and operations functions across industries, including healthcare, financial services, logistics, online retail and more.

This program is designed for executives who head analytically oriented functions or are interested in analytics and data-driven decision making.

For more information on this short course for executives, please visit the course webpage.