Research Center Events

Executive Education Short Course: Valuation

Dates: August 14 - 16, 2017
Location: NYU Washington Square Campus, New York City
Cost: $5,980 (travel and accommodation not included)

There are as many models for valuing stocks and businesses as there are analysts doing valuations. The differences between these models are often emphasized by their users, and the common elements are often ignored. The objective of this program is to provide the fundamentals of the different valuation approaches, an understanding of the limitations of each approach and examples of each of the applications. The program will address discounted cash flow valuation and the estimation issues that arise when information is imprecise or unavailable, value enhancement through the prism of discounted cash flow models, and contrast techniques. It will also delve into other valuation approaches, such as the use of multiples and comparables in relative valuation, and the use of option pricing to value certain types of stocks and businesses.

Taught by thought leader Aswath Damodaran, this program is for equity research analysts who are interested in examining alternative valuation approaches; corporate financial officers who want to understand the details of valuation for planned acquisitions or to gain value enhancement strategies for their firms; analysts involved in mergers and acquisitions who seek to acquire a wider repertoire of valuation skills; or portfolio managers who are interested in the effects of corporate restructuring on firm value, and the implications for portfolio management.

For more information on this short course for executives, please visit the course webpage.