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NYU Stern Commits to “Best Practices” in Expanding Opportunities for Women in Business at White House Convening

On Wednesday, NYU Stern attended a convening at the White House hosted by the White House Council on Women and Girls and the Council of Economic Advisers. The convening focused on opportunities for the business community and business schools to work together to adapt to the changing needs of the workforce by expanding opportunity for women in business. The convening brought together leaders from the business and business school communities as well as other stakeholders for a conversation on recruiting, training, and retaining leaders for the 21st-century workplace and the importance of implementing policies that work for families.
Stern joined more than 40 business schools in committing to a set of best practices to build a business school experience that prepares women for the workforce of tomorrow.  These best practices focus on four key areas:
  • Ensuring access to business schools and business careers
  • Building a business school experience that prepares students for the workforce of tomorrow
  • Ensuring career services that go beyond the needs of traditional students
  • Exemplifying how organizations should be run
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