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In an op-ed, Richard Thomas (MBA '16), Mayor of Mount Vernon, New York, discusses Governor Andrew Cuomo's "Pave NY" program

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Excerpt from The Huffington Post -- "Governor Andrew Cuomo’s $22 billion transportation capital plan, particularly the 'Pave NY' program, will yield major dividends for the Empire State. Should New York provide cities with the option to assess an infrastructure charge, we can leverage more public dollars to do more for the public good. As mayor of one of the densest cities in New York and in the nation, I see immense potential in this idea. It will raise the resources necessary to underwrite major long term construction projects, creating sustainable jobs and economic growth for years to come. Building and maintaining this vast network requires a coalition of engineers, equipment companies, contractors, and educators to trains and ready the workforce to do the work. Additionally, it will raise awareness of the need to reduce carbon emissions, making our air better to breathe."

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