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Professor Anindya Ghose is interviewed about trends in mobile marketing and mentions his forthcoming book, "Tap"

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Excerpt from Knowledge@Wharton -- "A focus of my book is about these nine forces that are shaping the mobile economy. I start by talking about context, which is sort of the super-force, as in why your customer is here, what he or she wants, and how he or she is feeling. But there are also other factors like location and time, weather and crowdedness, as I mentioned. For a retailer that’s trying to … reach out to the consumer, what they need to do is essentially figure out this concept of 'in-the-moment marketing.' The better you know the consumer’s context, their 'why, what and how,” and the better you know some of the other forces, the better you can combine that data. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole."

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