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Professor Brad Hintz weighs in on the impact of fintech on big banks' returns

Excerpt from Bloomberg -- "We've got a yield curve that's flat. So the banks can't make money from the spread. And then you have an economy that's not boomed, right? We've had a pick up in lending, but nothing like the lending pick up you naturally would expect in a recovery economy. You've got fintech, which is coming and eating their lunch, certainly looked like it was eating their lunch in certain sectors of a loan market, and you've got new players coming along looking for money transfer, which is another source of profitability on the banks. Regulatory trusts are going up. You can't spend money on new technology. So you have all these things that are hurting the banks here. On the other hand, let's recognize that the banking system will survive. It's just going to be generating returns that are really low."

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