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Professor Thomaï Serdari comments on Christian Dior's new Archi Dior jewelry collection

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Excerpt from Luxury Daily -- "'For a fashion house, jewelry collections are brand extensions,' said Thomaï Serdari, Ph.D., founder of PIQLuxury, Co-editor of Luxury: History Culture Consumption and adjunct professor of luxury marketing at New York University, New York. 'These allow the brand to reach out to a broader audience whose interests are not focused on fashion exclusively and incentivize existing customers to spend more on brand extensions,' she said. 'While brand extensions may be priced to move the brand lower in the pyramid of luxury brands, in the case of Dior, its line of high jewelry is intended to reinforce the luxury status of the fashion house. In that sense, Dior’s jewelry collections are complementary to the creations of its fashion lines.'"

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