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Senior Director of Stern's Office of Career Development Beth Briggs highlights the growing variety of job opportunities for MBAs

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Excerpt from TopMBA -- "Over the past few years, we have seen a growing diversity of companies coming to campus to recruit. One particular industry that is increasing MBA hiring of NYU Stern talent is technology. We are seeing more and more mature technology companies, such as Amazon and Google, participate in on-campus recruitment. Because we are in New York, we can also partner readily with growing tech firms such as e-commerce firm,, and music streaming service, Spotify, to organize networking events and company visits. In addition, we are seeing increased interest from entertainment and media firms as well as luxury and retail companies, such as NBCUniversal, Time Warner, and Michael Kors. Similarly, we partner with companies in these sectors to organize networking events and information sessions to accelerate the connection between our students and these opportunities."

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