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Stern alumnus Tim Long (MSBA '14) shares his experience in Stern's MS in Business Analytics program; Assistant Dean Isser Gallogly discusses Stern's new MS in Accounting

Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "'There’s what you learn and there’s what you take away from the program,' Long says. 'What I learned is a lot of powerful techniques in working with data and how to present it in a way that is meaningful for the business. What I took away from the program was not just that but really this new awareness of all of these topics to learn more about.' ... Stern was driven to add a master of science in accounting to respond to a need from both prospective students and employers. Members of the admissions team were constantly hearing from people who wanted an accounting MS that would give them the required educational preparation to become CPAs, says Isser Gallogly, assistant dean of MBA admissions at Stern, and head of admissions for the accounting program."

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