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    Excerpt from CapX -- "Expanding opportunities for the urban poor requires more than simply avoiding bad policy mistakes. Public services such as clean water, sanitation, and policing are critical to facilitating the individual initiative and creativity that drive urban prosperity. But understanding where government intervention is actually depriving opportunity to low-income residents is the first step toward better directing public resources in ways that can help billions of new urban residents see their way out of poverty this century."
  • npr logo feature
    Excerpt from NPR -- "A 2013 study by Stanford economist Petra Moser showed that U.S. patents increased by 31 percent in the fields these scientists represented after their arrival. 'German Jewish émigrés had a huge effect on U.S. innovation,' Moser told an interviewer. 'They helped increase the quality of research by training a new generation of American scientists, who then became productive researchers in their own rights.'"
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    Excerpt from NBC News -- "'They need to massively strengthen their presence and expertise in internet commerce and mobile commerce in order to even have a chance of meaningfully competing with online behemoths like Amazon. Otherwise, the chance of their survival is low,' Anindya Ghose, a professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business, told NBC News."
  • bloomberg logo feat
    Excerpt from Bloomberg -- "NYU professors discussed this question at length and decided that data science is sufficiently distinct from computer science and statistics and deserves its own academic center and shingle, said Vasant Dhar, a professor of data science who helped start the Ph.D. program. The field, which seeks to discover knowledge from data, is very interdisciplinary, incorporating everything from linguistics and psychology to neurology. 'NYU is willing to take chances and be innovative and somewhat unconventional, and it’s also part of the DNA of the university,' said Dhar. 'We do expect some schools will adopt Ph.D. programs in this field.'"
  • xinhua logo feature
    Excerpt from Xinhua -- "'After all, it is a free-trade agreement. It is not a trade agreement with trade barriers, and so if the trump administration tries to push that protectionist agenda, I would expect Canada and Mexico to push back rather strongly,' Salomon said."
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    Excerpt from Cheddar -- "The big thing that differentiates us from a lot of other government agencies or nonprofits in the space is that a lot of people don't actually spend enough time talking to people on the streets. ... It just began with really talking to people and asking what they need, and then building a resource network around those needs."
  • KMC Flags Exterior 2016 feature
    The ASEAN region plays a critical role in driving growth in the global economy. To develop and inspire today’s global leaders, NYU Stern Executive Education welcomes regional management consulting firm SRW&Co. for their ASEAN Global Leadership Program (AGLP), hosted from April 16 - April 19, 2018.  
  • Law360 Logo 192 x 144
    Excerpt from Law360 -- "On Monday, Erdem — who has testified in other high-profile cases like Apple v. Samsung and MobileMedia Ideas LLC v. Apple Inc. — said she spent 250 hours examining DirecTV’s 116 ads. Ultimately, she found that the disclosures in those ads were not clear or conspicuous, by performing a series of tests using a single-page print ad. First, she made small changes to the print ad so that the disclosures were more prominent. She then asked test participants a series of questions to determine if they understood the terms of DirecTV’s contract and its monthly subscription price based on the ad."
  • washington post logo feature
    Excerpt from The Washington Post -- "'In many ways they are better suited choosing an executive that is not drafted from the Silicon Valley, social media software world, but someone who has experience dealing with a global business that is diversified,' Sundararajan said."
  • Cheddar TV logo 192 x 144
    Excerpt from Cheddar -- "One thing that we really want to get away from is the idea of donors and recipients. I think that's one of the biggest things that prevents students from asking for help. Through ShareMeals, you can message and you can talk with other students and form a friendship, so that when you sit down for lunch, when you sit down for dinner, it's not necessarily a donor and a receiver sitting down, but it's two new friends who are sitting down."
  • xinhua logo feature
    Excerpt from Xinhua -- "Trade negotiations lead to agreements regarding the rules for trading, which generally lead to more trade that can change a trade balance in any direction, said Paul Wachtel, a New York University economics professor. 'The negotiations are not going to have any direct consequences for the U.S. trade deficit,' said Wachtel."
  • Al Jazeera Logo
    Excerpt from Al Jazeera -- "When we reach a point that the President introduces any sort of significant economic legislation and wants to try and claim that this has been thought out and vetted by senior business leaders before it's been brought to congress, at that moment it will be difficult to kind of credibly claim that, given the lack of CEO councils."
  • marketplace radio logo feature
    Excerpt from Marketplace -- "We are unlikely to live in a world in which globalization goes to zero. Given that, it's important for business people and others to make some contingency plans about what does happen if we get a hard Brexit, or what does happen if the NAFTA re-negotiations, whenever they conclude, do lead to a significant raising of barriers. But I think it's very, very silly to either plan for a world of either total free trade or a trade-free world."
  • metromba logo
    Excerpt from MetroMBA -- "Entitled 'Decomposing the Cross-Sex Misprediction Bias of Dating Behaviors: Do Men Overestimate or Women Underreport Their Sexual Intentions,' Stern Professor and Marketing Department Chair Priya Raghubir says her goal was to 'set the record straight on prediction bias across sexes.'"
  • Stamford Advocate 192 x 144
    Excerpt from the Stamford Advocate -- "'The key thing to do in expanding into any country is try to find a strong partner,' Craig said. 'For WWE, the model allows them to expand. For the local partner, it gives them additional content that basically represents an annuity that keeps providing revenues month after month and year after year.'"
  • new york times logo feature
    Excerpt from The New York Times -- "Dr. Barasch said she too initially suspected that casual photography was removing people from the moment. 'But as we collected more and more data over the course of five or six years, we kept finding that photo taking was actually immersing people more in experiences,' she said."
  • financial times logo feature
    Excerpt from the Financial Times -- "'Companies tend to think of their consumers and shareholders first. They say, "I don’t want a Twitter riot" and then "I don’t want analysts to worry that it’s going to impact my short-term sales and take my stock down",' said Mr Galloway."
  • chicago tribune
    Excerpt from the Chicago Tribune -- "'While we are not targeting a specific age group, we’re looking for students that can engage in dialogue across the classroom that is at a high level,' said Paula Steisel Goldfarb, associate dean of MBA admissions, financial aid and academic affairs at Stern. ... 'What I liked about Stern was the senior level of executives with 14 to 15 years of experience from large organizations,' [Spillane] said. 'Many were close enough with my age and life group to ask about work and how they manage the C-suite and balance children and family and career. I thought I would learn from them in a different way than I would from a younger cohort.'"
  • inc logo feature
    Excerpt from Inc. -- "'Updating NAFTA and creating stronger balances between countries rights and needs, that's all in the right direction,' says Ari Ginsberg, a professor of entrepreneurship with a focus on international business at NYU's Stern School of Business. He's particularly heartened that the U.S. has called for the establishment of a special committee to ensure that the needs of small- to medium-size businesses are considered in the broader agreement. 'The signals are much more positive than before for small businesses,' Ginsberg says."
  • daily mail logo feature
    Excerpt from the Daily Mail -- "'These findings suggest that having a camera changes how people approach an experience in a fundamental way,' the authors said, according to Science Daily. 'Even when people don't take a photo of a particular object, like a sculpture, but have a camera with them and the intention to take photos, they remember that sculpture better than people who did not have a camera with them.'"
  • Footwear News logo 192 x 144
    Excerpt from Footwear News -- "'I would not agree that all companies need or should "take a stand,"' Schenkler said. '[It] depends on the issue: Is it a core value for the company? What is the perspective of principal stakeholders on it? How does it affect corporate reputation? How is it tied to corporate identity and image?'"
  • Bloomberg Quint logo 192 x 144
    Excerpt from Bloomberg Quint -- "If you get it right, 'it’s very likely that you can hang onto three pieces of financing in one deal,' said Roy Smith, a former Goldman Sachs partner who’s now a finance professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business. 'It’s a natural business and a natural place for them to be.' If you get it wrong, though, 'bridge loans can hand your head to you,' Smith said."
  • Morgan Stanley Ideas Podcast logo 192 x 144
    Excerpt from the Morgan Stanley Ideas Podcast -- "The most important guideline for achieving inclusive growth is simply to make it an important objective. I think that the more a country decides that they want its growth to be broad-based, that they want it to measure inequality and changes in inequality as a success metric rather than simply measuring the totals, the more likely it is the country will achieve that. I think a mindset where you realize that business can be a really critical agent of social change and that progress in economy is often driven by business and so the costing of business as the force of change as opposed to the accumulator of capital is also an important part of shaping the dialogue."
  • mic logo 192 x 144
    Excerpt from Mic -- "'Increasingly citizens are holding businesses accountable,' added Tensie Whelan, a professor of business and society at the New York University Stern School of Business. 'It isn’t really an option to say nothing, you have to stand up and be counted.'"
  • CGTN logo 192 x 144
    Excerpt from CGTN -- "'I think that we need to look beyond the rent-a-car from a station model and towards the peer-to-peer models. So if you take the analogy of the United States, look beyond the Car2go model or the Drive Now model and towards the models of Getaround and Turo, where an individual can rent a car from another individual rather than picking it up off a station on the street.'"


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