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    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "The freedom of self-financing, combined with the implementation of the latest networking and teaching technology, has meant the top programmes increasingly are attracting students from outside their traditional catchment area. At NYU Stern, for example, the school’s EMBA is populated by participants from Florida, Illinois, Texas and even California, says Heather Daly, head of the EMBA."
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    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "For the first time in six years, a new challenger has topped the FT’s ranking of executive MBA programmes. The 2014 ranking of 100 programmes for working senior executives is headed by Trium, run by HEC Paris, the London School of Economics and Stern School of Business at New York University."
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    Excerpt from Seeking Alpha -- "The market is protected from new entrants by heavy regulation, high fixed investment and economies of scale. Dish has an excellent relationship with EchoStar, its main supplier, which allows it to lower costs significantly. The company has excellent management with years of experience in the TV and wireless industries, and has demonstrated consistent improvement in average revenue per user of both wireless and broadband services. Dish is also utilizing market conditions to get cheap access to capital. The company currently has $8.9Bn of cash and cash equivalents on its balance sheet, which could be aimed at Spectrum purchases, international expansion and the entry into wireless."
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    Excerpt from Seeking Alpha -- "ULTA is the first mover in this business model and the company's rapid expansion helps ensure that customers are pulled into the ecosystem. The company also offers a points-based rewards program that keeps customers coming back. In fact, 80% of revenues come from rewards members. ULTA also has best-in-class E-Commerce (+50% Growth YOY), helping the company reach customers wherever they are."
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    Excerpt from Seeking Alpha -- "My base case valuation based on comparable company multiples implies a price target range of $122.39 - $130.87 for Ashland compared to DCF intrinsic value of $125.55 — upside of 20.5% to 28.8% compared to current price of $101.57. Applying the worst case scenario discussed earlier, the stock has a valuation range of $109.0 to $112.07 (still an upside of ~8.8%). Running the model based on higher than estimated growth (higher than company estimate but in line with industry outlook) provides a best case SOTP price target of $134.68 (a 32.6% upside). As expected, the stock offers significant upside when valued as a separate businesses."
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    Excerpt from The Huffington Post -- "The Stern School of Business has joined with Global Spiritual Life at NYU, with support from the Lenz Foundation, to introduce the NYU Mindfulness in Business Initiative. The first event of the year featured Dan Harris, best-selling author and co-anchor for ABC's Nightline. Being in business school, I expected Harris's recommendations for mindful living to consist of checklists and frameworks. Instead, he shared with us his path to meditation, and the clarity he's found as a result. He made no promises, but offered a convincing case about the value in stepping back and gaining the presence of mind to become aware of thoughts and impulses before acting on them."
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    Excerpt from Bloomberg Businessweek -- "This combination, a more robust and resilient LIBOR for transactions that require a reference rate with a bank credit risk component and the development of an alternative reference rate for transactions like interest rate derivatives that don't, will strengthen our financial system and help undo some of the damage caused by earlier transgressions."
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    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "At NYU Stern, MBA students work with growing businesses within New York City’s fashion industry through a masters workshop with the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Paired with designers, they advise on finance, product market strategies and business plans. MBA student Laura Musano recently completed the workshop, working on a project for handbag collection Kara. 'I really liked that it opened up two-way learning,' she says. 'Not only could we use our skills but it felt like we were really helping the business grow.'"
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    Excerpt from Bloomberg Businessweek -- "'Our goal is to make it clear to those who are entering their career with MBAs that business is a place for them, and that they should be proud to be out,' says Matt Kidd, the executive director of Reaching Out MBA. So far, the business schools at Columbia, University of Chicago, Northwestern, Dartmouth, MIT, and NYU have all agreed to fund one of the scholarships, which will be called Reaching Out MBA fellowships."
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    Excerpt from CNBC -- "I think that financials, especially the banks, are very well capitalized and I think that going into the stress test process in the next few months, I think banks will surprise with their results and I think that the Fed will give them that approval to start increasing their payout ratios. It'll increase their dividend and I think that'll pop the stock in the next 1-2 years. So I'm very bullish on financials going into this market."
  • – School News

    Assistant Dean Isser Gallogly shares admissions tips

    September 30, 2014
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    Excerpt from mbaMission -- "In the application itself, when you’re talking about résumés and things like that, again, people should really try to highlight what they have achieved and quantify those results. Answer questions that may be out there, and if you have been unemployed, take the time to explain what happened and what you were doing in that time. Don’t just leave us guessing. … Help us understand."
  • The Wall Street Journal
    Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal -- "'Regulators probably don’t want to see big banks get bigger,' [Citigroup CEO Michael] Corbat said. '… And if you don’t have scale in a particular product line or business line today, you probably can’t buy it' – and it’s tough to build from scratch in an era of low interest rates and slow growth."
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    Excerpt from Clear Admit -- "I think the surprise that people get when they experience Stern is that the culture is very collaborative, very diverse and very team based. We have people from all over the globe who come to Stern with diverse backgrounds and bring experience from a range of industries, from investment banking to entertainment to marketing to the military. But as different as they all are, what these people all have in common is that they respect one another and work together. We aim to shape our community with people who possess what we call IQ + EQ—the combination of strong intellectual and interpersonal strengths."
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    Excerpt from OZY -- "Ironically, central bankers’ renewed focus on the labor market exposes their limitations when it comes to helping the average worker. Current labor-market research tells us that sustainable wage increases don’t really depend on the Fed’s short-term interest rate decisions. Nor is any kind of long-term solution likely to come through an increase in the minimum wage. Better skills are the only way to produce sustainably higher wages — especially those skills that meet the demands of a globalized, tech-driven market."
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    Excerpt from Clear Admit -- "Hori brings more than 35 years of industry and higher education experience. At Kellogg, as assistant dean, director of career management and, most recently, associate dean of corporate partnerships, she led the team that provided career services to more than 3,000 students in Kellogg’s full-time, part-time and Executive MBA programs, as well as to 50,000 Kellogg alumni. She is credited with creating numerous programs to help increase job placement and alumni satisfaction."
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    An MBA student explains why she chose to attend Stern

    September 12, 2014
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    Excerpt from Accepted.com -- "...I was interested in NYU even during undergrad, as the program offered an ideal match for my values and goals. NYU Stern provides an 'education in possible,' and encourages broad and disruptive thinking. That is just the type of approach I planned to take with my degree and in my work."
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    Excerpt from TopMBA -- "Former Harvard Business School professor Pankaj Ghemawat is to join NYU Stern’s faculty, where he has been serving as a visiting professor since September 2013. The Academy of International Business and of the Strategic Management Society fellow is an expert in the field of globalization, and has written five books and more than 100 articles and case studies on the subject – indeed, he is one of the world’s big-selling authors of teaching cases. He annually compiles a globalization index with Steven Altman 'that looks at the connectivity of more than 130 countries with the rest of the world in terms of trade, capital, information and people flows'. He will lead the school’s new Center for the Globalization of Education and Management."
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    Excerpt from The Huffington Post -- "The Stern School believes in the tremendous potential of individuals to solve global problems through the power of business. As business students trained in mindfulness move into leadership positions, they will bring with them a new paradigm for leadership excellence that drives business results while focusing on compassion, self-awareness, courage and resilience personally, interpersonally and organizationally."
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    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "Today, I’m a few weeks into my MBA journey and if there’s one thing I’ve learned thus far it’s this: business school is a perfect melting pot of disciplines. If you think you’re from a non-traditional background, you’ll quickly learn that 'non-traditional' is a label that does not really exist. My classmates are not only bankers, marketers and consultants, but also doctors, designers, politicians, Olympians, lawyers, veterans, actors, and more. Business schools love candidates from diverse fields. What matters most is the unique perspective you’ll bring to the classroom and the relationships you will build with those around you."
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    Excerpt from Digital Journal -- "It was a packed house at NYU Stern's auditorium as the prestigious New York University business school hosted a 'Economic Outlook Panel' with economists Vincent Reinhart and Julia Coronado along with professors Kim Schoenholtz and David Backus on September 3, 2014. In 2014, the economy has become a topic as likely to be discussed over cocktails as it is at an economic conference, so it should come as no surprise it was so well-attended."
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    Excerpt from US News University Directory -- "While in 2003-2004, New York University's Stern School of Business only had two entrepreneurship classes with 62 students, that number jumped to seven courses with 281 students enrolled in 2012-2013, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported. In 2012, the school also introduced a specialized academic track in entrepreneurship."
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    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "Hori, arguably the most successful business school career management director of her generation, had been in charge of the placement of Northwestern University’s Kellogg MBAs for nearly 17 years. The hire is a major coup for NYU Stern which significantly expanded Hori’s role at the school. Stern said Hori will 'build, sustain and manage a broad array of corporate relationships that underpin the career development program for MBA students and alumni, as well as forge new relationships with companies across sectors and markets around the world.'"
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    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "Students at leading business schools... the biggest secular macro-trend that they're going to deal with is the migration of people from rural to urban, which, in turn, opens up massive business opportunities all around you in infrastructure, you name it, there's opportunities... Most business schools that I know don't seem to address the whole, with the exception of NYU, which has actually set up an entire center to basically study the city as a unit of analysis."
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    Excerpt from CNBC -- "We have a Center for Business and Human Rights precisely because millennials are concerned with this. They're not just concerned about doing good, they're not just concerned about making ethical decisions on tax inversion and re-domiciling, but they're concerned about, how do they do that in the context in which they are also capitalists. They also want to make money. They want to do well for their families. So, how do we... address that? And I think that what we are trying to instill here with the Center for Business & Human Rights is really, how does human rights and these other questions... how do they come up in the classroom? And, more importantly, we're seeing them pop up not just in ethics... but we're treating it as a business question... I think that, at Stern, it's important to us to instill that character and integrity in our students."
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    Excerpt from CNBC -- "One of the things we're really focused on with our students is helping them be leaders by asking the right questions. So, this morning, actually, we just welcomed our incoming class of 409 MBA students. And we put in front of them Malcolm Gladwell, who spoke very, very passionately about the connection between leadership and data, actually. So, in other words, it's not enough just to have lots of information. You have to ask the right questions about how to use that information."


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