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    Excerpt from CityLab -- "Because of the substandard conditions connected to such settlements, most planners would indeed like to alter that pattern, by laying out, for example, a grid of streets and sidewalks and infrastructure in advance of growth—a recommendation of Shlomo 'Solly' Angel in his work on the Atlas of Urban Expansion, a partnership of the NYU Stern Urbanization Project, UN-HABITAT, and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. The model is the way that future growth was planned for Manhattan, or Barcelona."
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    Excerpt from The Huffington Post -- "As NYU Stern students move into leadership positions, they have the power to significantly impact companies and industries as they bring with them a new paradigm for leadership that helps create a new 'bottom line,' exemplifying compassion, self-awareness, courage, and resilience personally, interpersonally, and organizationally. The Institute for Mindful Leadership, which develops and delivers mindful leadership training to leaders in a range of organizations around the world -- corporate, nonprofit, academic, government and military -- is a natural partner in this."
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    Excerpt from BusinessBecause -- "NYU: Stern, based in New York, has invested in an MS in Business Analytics course which launched in May 2013. Roy Lee, assistant dean of global degree programs, says it has filled both cohorts of 60 with ease. 'We closed out the admissions cycle a month and half early, with a waiting list for the following year,' he adds... 'We are teaching the managers [and] executives who need to understand the language of analytics and how to leverage data to make strategic decisions,' says Roy."
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    Excerpt from TopMBA -- "Most of our students interested in pursuing a career in finance opt to specialize in finance, financial instruments & markets, financial systems & analytics, among others. Stern offers MBA students the opportunity to 'specialize' in content areas, which are akin to committing to a major. MBA students are able to specialize in up to three, nine-credit specializations and are able to choose from a robust list of content areas."
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    Excerpt from TopMBA -- "The Volatility Institute is focused on analyzing and assessing risk in global financial markets with the aim of influencing international financial policy. The NYU Shanghai extension into China and Shanghai’s financial district of Liujiazui is intended to provide a platform facilitating research into Chinese financial markets."
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    Excerpt from China Daily -- "The Shanghai New York University is establishing a Volatility Institute, to create opportunities for research on Chinese financial markets and other markets around the world."
  • – School News

    Undergraduate student Julian Marchese is featured

    November 17, 2014
    business insider logo feature
    Excerpt from Business Insider -- "Now a freshman student at NYU's Stern School of Business, Marchese and a partner at Yale are trying to launch a hedge fund out of their dorm rooms. Somehow, Marchese makes juggling school work with a social life and fledgling career as a hedge fund manager look like anyone could do it."
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    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "'If you are going to run a Fortune 500 company in the 21st Century, you are going to be global and these issues are going to confront you at the highest level,' Posner says. 'Rather than react, it makes sense that people in the business world have studied it and have a sense of what the options are.'"
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    Excerpt from The New York Times -- "In the first part of the two-year [CFDA Fashion Incubator] program, designers selected for the incubator get an intensive eight-month business finance and marketing education as part of the C.F.D.A.’s partnership with Stern School of Business at New York University. Because the designers have established businesses, their brands also act as a case study project for the M.B.A. students, who work with the designers to develop business plans that include e-commerce and finance strategies."
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    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "The law school also has a partnership with the university’s Stern School of Business as reflected in the recent joint appointment of Mervyn King, the former Bank of England governor. As professor of economics and law, Lord King is teaching a course called Money and Modern Capitalism: Law and Business, which includes looking at reform proposals for banks."
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    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "At Stern, mindfulness is the buzzword. The school is teaming up with NYU’s Center for Global and Spiritual Life to incorporate mindfulness in business leadership. Caitlin Weaver, Stern’s director of Leadership Development, says the shift to incorporate mindfulness training in the leadership program is two-fold—to increase decision making ability and to improve the the health of students."
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    Excerpt from mbaMission -- "In this competition, Stern and Kanbar students develop short films based on the sponsor’s specifications regarding content, length, and brand message. The films are judged by a panel of advertising and marketing executives, and the winning teams are given access to the resources of partnering media, entertainment, and communications companies to assist in screenplay production. The finished films—which are debuted at New York’s Tribeca Film Center—may be used by the sponsoring brand as part of the parent company’s advertising campaign."
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    Excerpt from The Huffington Post -- "...Caitlin Weaver, who just launched the NYU Mindfulness in Business Initiative -- a collaboration between NYU's Stern School of Business and Global Spiritual Life at NYU -- shared how 130 students came to the launch event, and how there's been an outpouring of interest for a faculty mindfulness program as well."
  • Thomas Philippon
    Professor Thomas Philippon has been awarded the 2013 Bernácer Prize, which is given annually to a European economist under the age of 40 who has made outstanding contributions in the fields of macroeconomics and finance.
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    Excerpt from The Huffington Post -- "The many benefits of mindfulness, namely meditation, are staggering. Studies show that maintaining a mindful practice like meditation can reduce stress, extend life, boost your academic abilities, and even increase your overall happiness. Mindfulness can even make you a better leader. Not surprisingly many companies like General Mills and schools like the NYU Stern School of Business have developed initiatives to cultivate and promote mindful wellbeing, scholarship, and leadership among employees and students."
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    Excerpt from USA Today -- "Matthew Statler, a faculty mentor and director of business ethics and social impact programming at NYU’s Stern School of Business, believes Transfernation has immense potential to combat hunger locally and internationally. 'Food waste is a huge problem, but (Dehradunwala and Goel) have identified a unique and compelling angle of approach,' Statler says. 'They have made great strides developing the venture over the past year, and… can really make a difference in the years to come.'"
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    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "The freedom of self-financing, combined with the implementation of the latest networking and teaching technology, has meant the top programmes increasingly are attracting students from outside their traditional catchment area. At NYU Stern, for example, the school’s EMBA is populated by participants from Florida, Illinois, Texas and even California, says Heather Daly, head of the EMBA."
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    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "For the first time in six years, a new challenger has topped the FT’s ranking of executive MBA programmes. The 2014 ranking of 100 programmes for working senior executives is headed by Trium, run by HEC Paris, the London School of Economics and Stern School of Business at New York University."
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    Excerpt from Seeking Alpha -- "The market is protected from new entrants by heavy regulation, high fixed investment and economies of scale. Dish has an excellent relationship with EchoStar, its main supplier, which allows it to lower costs significantly. The company has excellent management with years of experience in the TV and wireless industries, and has demonstrated consistent improvement in average revenue per user of both wireless and broadband services. Dish is also utilizing market conditions to get cheap access to capital. The company currently has $8.9Bn of cash and cash equivalents on its balance sheet, which could be aimed at Spectrum purchases, international expansion and the entry into wireless."
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    Excerpt from Seeking Alpha -- "ULTA is the first mover in this business model and the company's rapid expansion helps ensure that customers are pulled into the ecosystem. The company also offers a points-based rewards program that keeps customers coming back. In fact, 80% of revenues come from rewards members. ULTA also has best-in-class E-Commerce (+50% Growth YOY), helping the company reach customers wherever they are."
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    Excerpt from Seeking Alpha -- "My base case valuation based on comparable company multiples implies a price target range of $122.39 - $130.87 for Ashland compared to DCF intrinsic value of $125.55 — upside of 20.5% to 28.8% compared to current price of $101.57. Applying the worst case scenario discussed earlier, the stock has a valuation range of $109.0 to $112.07 (still an upside of ~8.8%). Running the model based on higher than estimated growth (higher than company estimate but in line with industry outlook) provides a best case SOTP price target of $134.68 (a 32.6% upside). As expected, the stock offers significant upside when valued as a separate businesses."
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    Excerpt from The Huffington Post -- "The Stern School of Business has joined with Global Spiritual Life at NYU, with support from the Lenz Foundation, to introduce the NYU Mindfulness in Business Initiative. The first event of the year featured Dan Harris, best-selling author and co-anchor for ABC's Nightline. Being in business school, I expected Harris's recommendations for mindful living to consist of checklists and frameworks. Instead, he shared with us his path to meditation, and the clarity he's found as a result. He made no promises, but offered a convincing case about the value in stepping back and gaining the presence of mind to become aware of thoughts and impulses before acting on them."
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    Excerpt from Bloomberg Businessweek -- "This combination, a more robust and resilient LIBOR for transactions that require a reference rate with a bank credit risk component and the development of an alternative reference rate for transactions like interest rate derivatives that don't, will strengthen our financial system and help undo some of the damage caused by earlier transgressions."
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    Excerpt from Financial Times -- "At NYU Stern, MBA students work with growing businesses within New York City’s fashion industry through a masters workshop with the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Paired with designers, they advise on finance, product market strategies and business plans. MBA student Laura Musano recently completed the workshop, working on a project for handbag collection Kara. 'I really liked that it opened up two-way learning,' she says. 'Not only could we use our skills but it felt like we were really helping the business grow.'"
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    Excerpt from Bloomberg Businessweek -- "'Our goal is to make it clear to those who are entering their career with MBAs that business is a place for them, and that they should be proud to be out,' says Matt Kidd, the executive director of Reaching Out MBA. So far, the business schools at Columbia, University of Chicago, Northwestern, Dartmouth, MIT, and NYU have all agreed to fund one of the scholarships, which will be called Reaching Out MBA fellowships."


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