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    Excerpt from Clear Admit -- "Perhaps not surprising, NYU Stern’s New York City location factored highly into the decision-making process for many of the students we asked. But so too did its community—including how approachable and friendly current students were to prospective students and the school-wide emphasis on IQ + EQ (emotional quotient)—and its curriculum, which has a strong core but also gives students the opportunity to explore electives early on and offers specializations in things like luxury marketing and technology."
  • Excerpt from Sourcing Journal -- "In an interview with Sourcing Journal, Dorothée Baumann-Pauly, the research director and author of the new brief, said, 'There’s mounting evidence now that this universe of factories in Bangladesh is currently larger than any stakeholder is willing to acknowledge. If you now assume a universe of factories that’s larger than 8,000, that just shows that a lot of workers are still unprotected and fall outside of the scope of these programs.'"
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    Excerpt from Find MBA -- "In the EMBA program, classes will meet one weekend a month, which means that students from the surrounding area would be able to travel in for classes. The program takes just under two years to complete. Two specialty tracks will be available as part of the EMBA: Finance & Analytics and Strategy & Leadership. The program will also include a Global Study Tour, which is a week-long residency in a country outside of the US."
  • Excerpt from MetroMBA -- "The forum was titled, 'The Economic and Market Outlook.' NYU Stern Director of the Center for Global Economy and Business Kim Schoenholtz moderated the discussion, which featured three panelists, including: Citigroup’s Willem Buiter, Deutsche Bank’s Peter Hooper, and Berenberg’s Mickey Levy."
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    Excerpt from Find MBA -- "At NYU Stern, students doing an MBA in general management can select up to three specializations—or choose not to specialize at all. As of fall 2016, Stern’s full-time and part-time MBA students can also choose FinTech as a specialization, a first among top business schools, and take electives from eight new courses. 'We have twice the enrollment expected in our inaugural Foundations of FinTech course, being taught for the first time this fall to undergraduates and in the spring to MBAs,' says Kathleen DeRose, FinTech Executive-in-Residence at NYU Stern. 'We're even expanding beyond the MBA program in our course offerings as the popularity of the newly created foundational course has been way above expectations.'"
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    Excerpt from the Washington Business Journal -- "Students can expect 'an intellectual espresso,' as Henry describes it — a high-impact, high-energy experience that includes social time, professional networking and a deep dive into coursework. Each student will complete about 20 classes, or 60 credits, and faculty will be hand-picked from the New York campus. Students also complete a global study tour, which consists of a week living in another market outside of the U.S."
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    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "While many executives enter business schools to master balance sheets and refine their leadership style, they quickly learn that the MBA is really a guide to decision-making. At New York University, for example, Renee Vieira, executive director of Time Warner’s global leadership development program, considers 'Professional Responsibility' to be the most valuable course that she took. ... 'Being a successful leader is not only about having financial, strategic, marketing, and operational acumen,' she adds, 'it is truly about who you are as a person and how you lead and inspire those around you.'"
  • Excerpt from Livemint -- "In December 2015, though, a study published by The Centre for Business and Human Rights at New York University’s Stern School of Business—Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg: Bangladesh’s Forgotten Apparel Workers—shone some sharp light on matters. The authors, Sarah Labowitz and Dorothée Baumann-Pauly, claimed among other things that even after 3,425 inspections by trackers of the Accord, the Alliance and overseers International Labour Organization, 'only eight factories have passed final inspection'."
  • Excerpt from MetroMBA -- "'New York City is an epicenter of global business and a thriving hub of innovation that companies from multinationals to technology firms to startups call home,' NYU Stern Dean Peter Henry said in the press release. ... 'We are honored to work with SRW&Co. and to welcome AGLP participants to our campus, where they will have access to some of our most celebrated faculty and participate in stimulating conversation on key topics for both the ASEAN region and the global economy,' Zemel would go on to say."
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    Excerpt from CNBC -- "The central bank's involvement in the financial market and the system is not going to diminish. It's going to be as high if not bigger than it is today. As long as you have very large institutions that are so highly concentrated and so highly focused, the central bank is going to have to play an increasing role in managing those assets and liabilities. Actually, commercial banks don't want to admit it, but very large institutions are the wards of the central bank."
  • Excerpt from The Washington Post -- "The majority of companies measure the effort they’re making — touting their own policies or codes of conduct — but stop short of assessing whether those efforts are delivering their promised effects, according to new research by New York University’s Stern Center for Business and Human Rights. 'Having strong policies in place around workplace safety or wages is important, but it does not guarantee that workers are in fact safe and adequately paid,' said Casey O’Connor, who co-authored the report. That leaves consumers in the dark about the type of labor standards they’re supporting. 'It’s very hard to distinguish,' said Dorothée Baumann-Pauly, research director at NYU’s Center for Business and Human Rights. 'The facade looks identical.'"
  • Excerpt from the Jakarta Globe -- "'NYU Stern's executive education programs are committed to the belief that a global approach to education is integral for today's business leaders,' NYU Stern Vice Dean Eitan Zemel said in a statement on Tuesday (22/08)."
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    Excerpt from Cheddar -- "I traveled to India for the first time a little over a year and a half ago. And I had the opportunity to speak to people across the country who were all suffering from the effects of pollution. And it was affecting their daily lives, but I saw them taking no steps to actually protect themselves because the traditional protection device was this--something that takes up half of your face. And so I understood why they were hesitant to adopt these solutions. And I saw that there are beautiful elements of Indian culture, and I wanted to marry some kind of device that would take into effect the most protective opportunity from the technology but also take up less space on your face."
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    Excerpt from Sword and the Script -- "I champion businesses who take positions on societal issues in external communications. A major reason why I sought out MBA studies at NYU is because of their recognition of the role business plays in society, from sustainability to human rights to impact investing, there are many ways businesses can take a position. Once they do, I think it is important for business leaders to inspire others and rally business sectors around collective impact."
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    Excerpt from CapX -- "Expanding opportunities for the urban poor requires more than simply avoiding bad policy mistakes. Public services such as clean water, sanitation, and policing are critical to facilitating the individual initiative and creativity that drive urban prosperity. But understanding where government intervention is actually depriving opportunity to low-income residents is the first step toward better directing public resources in ways that can help billions of new urban residents see their way out of poverty this century."
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    Excerpt from Cheddar -- "The big thing that differentiates us from a lot of other government agencies or nonprofits in the space is that a lot of people don't actually spend enough time talking to people on the streets. ... It just began with really talking to people and asking what they need, and then building a resource network around those needs."
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    Excerpt from Cheddar -- "One thing that we really want to get away from is the idea of donors and recipients. I think that's one of the biggest things that prevents students from asking for help. Through ShareMeals, you can message and you can talk with other students and form a friendship, so that when you sit down for lunch, when you sit down for dinner, it's not necessarily a donor and a receiver sitting down, but it's two new friends who are sitting down."
  • Excerpt from the Chicago Tribune -- "'While we are not targeting a specific age group, we’re looking for students that can engage in dialogue across the classroom that is at a high level,' said Paula Steisel Goldfarb, associate dean of MBA admissions, financial aid and academic affairs at Stern. ... 'What I liked about Stern was the senior level of executives with 14 to 15 years of experience from large organizations,' [Spillane] said. 'Many were close enough with my age and life group to ask about work and how they manage the C-suite and balance children and family and career. I thought I would learn from them in a different way than I would from a younger cohort.'"
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    Excerpt from BusinessBecause -- "During my MBA exchange in NYU Stern, I was stunned by the startup culture in New York. Hackathons, coding boot camps and Meetups are all over the place. I believe there are more disruptions coming and more are driven by the new tech startups. They are poised to change the way we live, work and learn."
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    Excerpt from Clear Admit -- "It wasn’t all that long ago that I was wondering what management consulting even was, and now I’m halfway through my summer internship in that exact field. My time at Accenture has taught me a lot, and I’m thrilled that I am exploring this path. If you’re considering making a change to enter management consulting, from where I sit, Stern is a great place for you to make it happen."
  • Excerpt from Bloomberg -- "The street-planning idea was dreamed up by Shlomo 'Solly' Angel, who leads the Urban Expansion program at New York University’s Marron Institute of Urban Management. It’s virtually costless because ranchers and farmers are happy to donate land that will be adjacent to a main road, Angel says. NYU has landed a contract to train 109 other Colombian cities in planning for expansion and is working with 18 cities in Ethiopia. 'It is impossible to cut a road through a built-up area,' he says. 'Either we do it now or we don’t do it at all.'"
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    Excerpt from Cheddar -- "...being computer scientists, we started looking at how we can automatically generate virtual models of the real world. We went beyond video games and started looking at things like architecture, special effects, and training simulations for the military and first responders, where people need these virtual models for most of the projects they work on."
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    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "I enjoyed getting to know my classmates the most. Everyone is so inspiring – even though my classmates are pursuing completely different things than me, I am inspired by their passion, intellect, curiosity, and persistence. I see students pursuing dual degrees, starting their own businesses, and making real changes to improve their lives and the lives of others around them. Going to business school is also a great time to do some self-reflecting and to pursue personal growth. I can’t imagine how many years of working it would have taken me to learn as much as I have in the past two years – not just from a professional standpoint, but from a management and leadership perspective as well."
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    Excerpt from BusinessBecause -- "Prior to applying to business school, make sure you need an MBA in the first place. I've worked with applicants who don't like their jobs, and they know they want to do something different, but they're not exactly sure what that is. Is an MBA going to be the right path to make that career transition? Here's an example. You may be bored in your current job and attracted to the glamorous world of consulting, but how much do you know about consulting? Do you know how much travel is involved? Would you be happy on the road four days a week?"
  • Excerpt from Kiro Radio -- "What we're worried about is that other countries that may not have the same democratic traditions as Germany, may see this as a justification and cover to introduce similar laws of their own to crack down on political dissent and news that they disagree with."