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    Excerpt from BusinessBecause -- "'We make content that connects with sizable audiences, but everything we do comes from creators who have a unique thing to say about the world. The first feature film we were involved with was Spotlight, which is a great example of this,' says Ryan. 'My role can involve sitting down with creatives so having an MFA gives me credibility. I speak a similar language and it shows that I’m passionate about filmmaking.'"
  • Excerpt from The New York Times -- "Enforcement actions brought against public companies by the Securities and Exchange Commission declined 33 percent in the 2017 fiscal year, with much of that decrease happening after President Trump entered office, according to a report from Cornerstone Research and the New York University Pollack Center for Law & Business."
  • Excerpt from Reuters -- "The latest step goes farther and was praised by critics such as Paul Barrett, deputy director of the New York University Stern Center for Business and Human Rights. 'If the terrorist is in the business of recruiting and inciting people to make violent attacks, you’ve got to the draw the line' against any of their content, Barrett said."
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    Excerpt from US News & World Report -- "Adam Scheer, a first-year MBA student at New York University's Stern School of Business and a recipient of its Fertitta Veterans Scholarship, says the availability of this scholarship, which reduces tuition to a flat $30,000, was a contributing factor to his decision to attend the school. 'It was definitely a difference maker,' says Scheer, a former Navy SEAL and current Navy reservist. ... Isser Gallogly, associate dean of MBA admissions and program innovation at Stern, says military MBA applicants are often highly competitive for a business school's general merit scholarships."
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    Excerpt from EdScoop -- "The goal is to be 'a hub that matches inspired ideas with the expertise to scale and commercialize them — and develop MBA students in the process who may want to follow a similar entrepreneurial path in the future,' Sundaram said. ... Hegde said he’s hoping the Creative Destruction Lab puts NYU at the center of disruption happening in several fields. 'Technology is disrupting industries like finance and publishing, and we think it’s part of a long-run disruption that’s happening,' he said. 'Like Stanford is for Silicon Valley, we want to make NYU for the New York City region.'"
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    Excerpt from US News & World Report -- "'...students are going to have no choice but to learn this material in five or 10 years,' [Yermack] says, recommending they start now. Kathleen DeRose, a clinical associate professor of finance at Stern, says this technology has a variety of profitable applications that many companies – including both century-old Fortune 500 firms like IBM and small startup operations – are using. Knowing how to use this technology is a highly marketable skill and could broaden a graduate's employer pool. Matthew Scannella, a Stern MBA student who is pursuing several specializations, including financial technology, says he decided to focus on fintech 'because of its potential to disrupt every vertical within the financial services industry.'"
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    Excerpt from BusinessBecause -- "New York University Stern School of Business is one leading figure when it comes to assessing and recruiting EQ talent—the school recently added an 'EQ Endorsement' section to its application. 'EQ differentiates Stern MBA students in their ability to solve problems and tackle challenges,' writes Isser Gallogly, associate dean for MBA admissions and program innovation."
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    Excerpt from Crowdfund Insider -- "New York University’s Stern School of Business announced on Thursday it is set to host its second annual Fintech Conference, which is called The Transformative Potential and Regulatory Challenges of FinTech on November 3rd."
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    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "New York University Stern School of Business announced Oct. 10 that it will enter a partnership with the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management to establish the first Creative Destruction Lab — CDL-New York City — in the United States. The program is laser-focused on maximizing value for science and technology startups through the unique CDL model that integrates the venturing process with the MBA curriculum."
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    Stern's new Creative Destruction Lab is featured

    October 11, 2017
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    Excerpt from The Globe and Mail -- "The Creative Destruction Lab is opening its first program outside Canada in partnership with New York University's Stern School of Business. The New York program, an offshoot of the acclaimed tech startup assistance program based at University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, will begin next September, admitting 25 ventures for its first nine month program."
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    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "'Even if you’re not going to be working specifically in sustainability, businesses need to have employees who understand these issues, understand how to work with different stakeholders, and understand how sustainability can bring innovation and a competitive advantage,' says Tensie Whelan, director of the Center and instructor of the course."
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    MBA student Diana Zarate-Diaz is profiled

    October 6, 2017
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    Excerpt from Be the Next Her -- "I moved to New York City for my MBA at NYU Leonard N. Stern School of Business as a Forté Fellow. I am excited to be back in school and face a different set of challenges, meet new people, travel and get ready for what will come next."
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    Excerpt from US News & World Report -- "Isser Gallogly, associate dean of MBA admissions and program innovation at Stern, says the school added this admissions requirement because it believes emotional intelligence is what separates mediocre business executives from exceptional ones. Gallogly says a business venture cannot thrive unless the individual in charge not only has a good idea but also knows how to execute that idea. 'If that person does not have the emotional intelligence to sell that idea, to drive that idea, to move it through organizations to effect change, ultimately they're not going to be successful in business,' he says."
  • Excerpt from WNYC -- "...we do have an additional factor here of that rapid firing audio that now millions and millions of people have heard. Will it change the calculus on legislation? I suppose it's possible that if gun control advocates focus narrowly enough on for example the kinds of devices that turn a semi automatic into an automatic firing weapon, there might be some success. But I think even that would be a long shot with President Trump in the White House."
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    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "Sundaram tells Poets&Quants he wants to elevate Stern’s commitment to experiential learning through its “Stern Solutions” program. His vision, he says, is to intensify the program’s emphasis on developing leaders who can grasp the big picture, turn transformation into opportunity, and thrive in an ever-changing global climate. 'We will provide more students with more opportunities to participate, while deepening our relationships with companies that value the fresh insights Stern MBAs can bring to the table,' he shares."
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    Excerpt from Clear Admit -- "Perhaps not surprising, NYU Stern’s New York City location factored highly into the decision-making process for many of the students we asked. But so too did its community—including how approachable and friendly current students were to prospective students and the school-wide emphasis on IQ + EQ (emotional quotient)—and its curriculum, which has a strong core but also gives students the opportunity to explore electives early on and offers specializations in things like luxury marketing and technology."
  • Excerpt from Sourcing Journal -- "In an interview with Sourcing Journal, Dorothée Baumann-Pauly, the research director and author of the new brief, said, 'There’s mounting evidence now that this universe of factories in Bangladesh is currently larger than any stakeholder is willing to acknowledge. If you now assume a universe of factories that’s larger than 8,000, that just shows that a lot of workers are still unprotected and fall outside of the scope of these programs.'"
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    Excerpt from Find MBA -- "In the EMBA program, classes will meet one weekend a month, which means that students from the surrounding area would be able to travel in for classes. The program takes just under two years to complete. Two specialty tracks will be available as part of the EMBA: Finance & Analytics and Strategy & Leadership. The program will also include a Global Study Tour, which is a week-long residency in a country outside of the US."
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    Excerpt from MetroMBA -- "The forum was titled, 'The Economic and Market Outlook.' NYU Stern Director of the Center for Global Economy and Business Kim Schoenholtz moderated the discussion, which featured three panelists, including: Citigroup’s Willem Buiter, Deutsche Bank’s Peter Hooper, and Berenberg’s Mickey Levy."
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    Excerpt from Find MBA -- "At NYU Stern, students doing an MBA in general management can select up to three specializations—or choose not to specialize at all. As of fall 2016, Stern’s full-time and part-time MBA students can also choose FinTech as a specialization, a first among top business schools, and take electives from eight new courses. 'We have twice the enrollment expected in our inaugural Foundations of FinTech course, being taught for the first time this fall to undergraduates and in the spring to MBAs,' says Kathleen DeRose, FinTech Executive-in-Residence at NYU Stern. 'We're even expanding beyond the MBA program in our course offerings as the popularity of the newly created foundational course has been way above expectations.'"
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    Excerpt from the Washington Business Journal -- "Students can expect 'an intellectual espresso,' as Henry describes it — a high-impact, high-energy experience that includes social time, professional networking and a deep dive into coursework. Each student will complete about 20 classes, or 60 credits, and faculty will be hand-picked from the New York campus. Students also complete a global study tour, which consists of a week living in another market outside of the U.S."
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    Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "While many executives enter business schools to master balance sheets and refine their leadership style, they quickly learn that the MBA is really a guide to decision-making. At New York University, for example, Renee Vieira, executive director of Time Warner’s global leadership development program, considers 'Professional Responsibility' to be the most valuable course that she took. ... 'Being a successful leader is not only about having financial, strategic, marketing, and operational acumen,' she adds, 'it is truly about who you are as a person and how you lead and inspire those around you.'"
  • Excerpt from Livemint -- "In December 2015, though, a study published by The Centre for Business and Human Rights at New York University’s Stern School of Business—Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg: Bangladesh’s Forgotten Apparel Workers—shone some sharp light on matters. The authors, Sarah Labowitz and Dorothée Baumann-Pauly, claimed among other things that even after 3,425 inspections by trackers of the Accord, the Alliance and overseers International Labour Organization, 'only eight factories have passed final inspection'."
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    Excerpt from MetroMBA -- "'New York City is an epicenter of global business and a thriving hub of innovation that companies from multinationals to technology firms to startups call home,' NYU Stern Dean Peter Henry said in the press release. ... 'We are honored to work with SRW&Co. and to welcome AGLP participants to our campus, where they will have access to some of our most celebrated faculty and participate in stimulating conversation on key topics for both the ASEAN region and the global economy,' Zemel would go on to say."
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    Excerpt from CNBC -- "The central bank's involvement in the financial market and the system is not going to diminish. It's going to be as high if not bigger than it is today. As long as you have very large institutions that are so highly concentrated and so highly focused, the central bank is going to have to play an increasing role in managing those assets and liabilities. Actually, commercial banks don't want to admit it, but very large institutions are the wards of the central bank."